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First screens from Code Vein revealed - Shows off twisted characters and world

Code Vein (4).jpg

I was just yesterday when we reported than Bandai Namco were teasing a new games titled "Code Vein", along with the hashtag, #PrepareToDine. This immediately sparked some excitement from Dark Souls fans, as the Prepare to Die tagline has been used throughout the series. Code Vein however, as much as it made use of this tagline, could be unrelated to the Dark Souls series, in both gameplay and story. 

Thee game is set in a twisted post-apocalyptic future, where vampires feed on mutates creatures and wield special powers. The gameplay sees you exploring vast connected hubs which form part of a large world, and you will defend yourself with Gifts obtained from drinking blood. All this sounds very God Eater to me, but we will have to see what happens. 

Bandai Namco have just released new screenshots of the game, that show off its characters, weapons, environments, and most of all its twisted look and feel. Take a look at them below

Code Vein (2).jpg

Code Vein (3).jpg

Code Vein (5).jpg

Code Vein (6).jpg

Code Vein (7).jpg

Code Vein (8).jpg

Code Vein (9).jpg

Code Vein (1).jpg

Right now we have no release date for the game, but the publisher has revealed that it will release on "all major platforms". We take it this means Project Scorpio, PS4 Pro, and PC, but the real question is if the Switch will get a version or not. In the meantime, take a look at the teaser trailer below, and let us know what you think of the game in the comments section. 

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