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Niantic and Android finally taking action against Pokémon GO spoofing

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Pokémon GO released almost a year ago, and the developer, Niantic, is only now managing to take steps against one of the games' biggest problems - spoofing. Spoofing is when a trainer uses a mobile App to help them catch those illusive Pokémon's without taking a single step. It's downright cheating, especially if a player uses a Pokémon that he or she caught with an App to fight over control of a Gym.

A few hours ago Niantic Support stated via Twitter that they are renewing their efforts to stop spoofing. "Thanks for all your reports. We’re working to add functionality to stop spoofing, and your reports are helping us with our investigations."

According to Pokemongohub, Niantic is actively working on an anti-spoofing tool, and they're paying closer attention to Trainers who report and complain about spoofing. The biggest issue currently seems to be grouping those complaints together, "Niantic doesn’t have automated tools to group similar reports yet," reports Pokemongohub. The other important piece of news is that Niantic seems to be talking to online platforms to help curb spoofing. "“Google is slowly helping out on their end.”

Last night, Android released an update which makes it much harder for users to cheat using spoofing. "We just finished testing the new Android 7.1 security update. There were already several reports indicating that a number of GPS spoofing apps stopped functioning on Android 7.1," says Pokemongohub. According to user reports, anyone who updated their device with the Android March Security patch will struggle to use spoofing Apps.

It is still possible - but a lot harder to make use of spoofing to catch 'em all (on Android 7.1) - and there is at least progress in the right direction. 

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