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Higher latency gave Genji an extra sword swing

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In case you've wondered why the dragon's blade has one less sword swing during use of his ultimate.

This is something most Overwatch players probably didn't notice - unless you're a Genji main. In a lengthy forum discussion, these masters of the impossible have been lamenting the loss of one extra swing of their katana's. In case Blizzard thought Overwatch players don't take things seriously.

The 12-page forum post finally got the attention of Overwatch Lead Designer Geoff Goodman, who explains that Genji didn't suddenly lose a swing, the latest patch fixed a 'bug' where players with higher latency got that extra slash with the katana. Don't despair oh noble samurai, Blizzard is working on getting Genji back his swing and capping all players at seven swings.

"Blizzard, you didnt write anything about it but you've changed genji ult to be less responsive. It takes him more time to swing his sword now (specially in his odd swing or after dash swing). Dashing and instantly swinging is now impossible making genji less skill oriented and nerfing his ult and speed of execution. restore it to the original! enough with the genji nerfs!" Laments the Genji main, who was then followed by fellow swordsmen in their objections against Genji's nerf.

"So looking into this more, it looks like the issue some people are seeing is due to a different bug fix. Before the last major patch, the amount of sword swings you could get changed depending on your latency. Strangely, if you had higher latency you could swing more often. This bug was fixed, which caused some players to suddenly get less swings than they were used to," explains Goodman.

"Looking into this bug in more detail, the ping threshold before you could gain a single extra swing was somewhat low, so many people probably got used to 7 swings rather than 6. With that in mind we're going to increase his swing speed overall so he'll gain that 7th swing back for all players, regardless of latency.

I'm not entirely sure when we can get that update into the players hands, but we'll make sure its in the patch notes when it hits. Sorry for the confusion."

I am curious to know if any of the local Overwatch players noticed the one less sword swing.

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"he'll gain that 7th swing back for all players, regardless of latency"

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