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Bandai Namco unveils Code Vein: A vampire-themed action RPG

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Publisher Bandai Namco teased something with the tagline “Prepare to Dine” over the weekend, which I thought was sure to be something Souls related developed by From Software. Turns out I was wrong, as the publisher revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu (via Gematsu) that it is, in fact, a vampire-themed RPG from the development team behind God Eater.

The game is called Code Vein and is described as a “dramatic exploration action RPG”, where players will dine on creatures as a vampire. These vampires have supernatural abilities and are called Revenants, who live in a society called “Vein”. If the player is short on blood, they will turn into a monster called a “Lost”. The game is set in the future, where the world lies in ruins, and the whole idea of playing with a vampire simply sounds fantastic, as I am a big fan of vampire lore.

Details revealed from the latest issue of Famitsu include:

Code Vein uses is built on the Unreal Engine 4 and the development is roughly 35% complete. The genre of dramatic exploration action RPG will see players “tensely exploring seamlessly connected areas on foot, which offers a great sense of accomplishment.”

There will be a buddy system, but there is no confirmation if this will be some kind of multiplayer component or if the buddies are AI. A short explanation of the buddy system reads: “By traveling with a buddy, you can overcome great challenges that you might give up on if you were playing a highly difficult game on your own, and feel a greater sense of accomplishment.” This indicates that the game will be quite difficult.  

Further, it has been revealed that buddies act on their own, but players also need to help their buddy.  

Some interesting terms revealed are:

  • Blood Veil – “The Blood Veil is a Revenant-original piece of equipment that sucks up the blood of Losts. It’s usually shaped like clothing and functions as armor. A dedicated mechanism appears at the time of blood sucking, and the user’s mask sees an ominous change.”  
  • Special Ability: Tempered Blood – “An action that can be triggered after a successful blood sucking attack via the Blood Vale, and that depends on the blood obtained from the Lost. There are a number of variations, such as strengthening yourself, weakening enemies, and direct attacks.”

No release date has been confirmed, but the game’s targeted release window is 2018.  Further, which platforms the will release on has not been confirmed, but the report does indicate that it will come to console.        

The full reveal is scheduled to take place tomorrow, 20 April, so hopefully, there will be even more information about Code Vein, which already has my attention as it sounds extremely interesting. Unfortunately, the first gameplay trailer is only scheduled to release in May.

ICYMI: Watch the teaser trailer for Code Vein below and then tell us what you think about the game and the first details revealed in the comment section.

Sources: Gematsu, Hachima Kikou

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