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Battlefield 1: How to become a Fighter Pilot

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With Battlefield 1, DICE have managed to represent both the tools and machines of the First World War in a perfect balance between authenticity and enjoyment. Functionally natural and fun to use are terms I often associate with the weapon, item and vehicle mechanics in warfare orientated games. Battlefield 1 captures these perfectly, particularly in the vehicles, making you feel like an actual tanker as you struggle through the muddy plains of the St. Quentin Scar or tense up as you navigate tricky mountainous Monte Grappa in your airplane. All the while enjoying every bit of it!

Often these tools or machines are so authentic that they throw some players off who simply lose interest and move on back to their preferred, comfortable method of play. This is very apparent when it comes to flying in almost all Battlefield games. Being the only pilot among my Battlefield friends made me realise this and I've found it's too blame for piloting seeming too complex. Well, it's a more matter of piloting requiring some perseverance and patience. Most of my friends attest to giving up due to their low survival rate while in a plane, be it due to better players or their constant crashing while trying to learn.

So for the benefit of those intrigued with the idea of becoming a flying ace but at the same time remain hesitant in fear of being outmatched, I've created a guide to Fighter planes in my new "Series of Battlefield 1 How To's" that should help you out a little.

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