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Watch us open over 50 Un'Goro Hearthstone expansion card packs

Un'Goro Opening.jpg

There is nothing better than opening loot boxes and card packs for our favorite Blizzard games, and while we always get duplicates while opening loot boxes in Overwatch, the hype is still real while holding down that open button. With the latest Un'Goro Hearthstone expansion, we were sent over fifty cards to open and gaze at. No really, the Hearthstone art style is one of the best in the industry, and guys, its dinosaurs, so of course it will be eye candy. We wanted to show you just what we got in our packs.

About the Un'Goro expansion

So like all past expansions, the Un'Goro pack comes with new cards, and possibly endless new decks to form together, but it also brings about the expiration of some of your favorite old cards from standard mode. Make way for the future I always say, and by eliminating some of these cards from standard mode, it keeps things fresh and exciting. The fifth expansion has 135 new cards added to the mix, and they are all pretty to look at, with great abilities that will go hand in hand with other cards. 

Set in the Primordial mists of Un'Goro Crater, the expansion sees Elise Starseeker leading an expedition to explore the strange wonders of the region. Living plants and deadly dinosaurs await on her journey through the area.

Quest cards

Un'Goro Quest card.jpg

During my unpacking of my fifty-plus packs, I got one of the new Quest Cards. These special cards are rare and only one of them are allowed in your deck at a time. These quest cards are automatically placed on the board, and once you have completed the prerequisites for the card, it will reward you with a powerful new card or effect. The card I got was the "Awaken the Makers" card, that after I manage to summon 7 Deathrattle Minions, I will be rewarded with a Legendary Amar, Warden of Hope card. There are other cool Quest Cards to find in packs that will reward you with new and fresh cards that are only obtainable through these objective-driven quests."The Caverns Below" is the Quest Card I am so hoping for as it unlocks the Crystal Core that grants all minions 5/5. 

New Battlefield

Like all past expansions and content drops, the Un'Goro pack comes with a new battlefield that is true to the game's overall layout, and at the same time has all sorts of things to click on that have an effect on the environment. Take a look at the new battlefield below.

Un'Goro Battlefield.jpg

New Tavern Brawls

While I stay away from online play, due to my skills at Hearthstone deck building being a bit poor, or simply not up to standard with other players, the Tavern Brawls are my thing. These cool themed battles let you play the game without a 12-year old beating your hiney during online play. The Un'Goro expansion comes with new Tavern Brawls to enjoy, so make sure you check back every so often for a new game mode to enjoy. 

So while the Un'Goro did not come with any solo adventures (sad face), it has so much included in it for everyone to take advantage of. The Quest Cards are clearly the best new addition to the game, and I hope to see more of them in future expansions. 

Take a look as I open over 50 Un'Goro card packs. Feel free to pause the video and look at each card. 

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