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IeSF e-Sports World Championship 2017 venue announced

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When it comes to eSports, there is no compromising on the costs and the magnitude of the events, and this year's World Championship seems to be going bigger than ever before. The International eSports Federation (IeSF) announced that they will be hosting the 9th eSports World Championship 2017, which is the sole international event where players compete as representatives of their country, in Busan, Korea.

Busan is a large port in South Korea which is known for its tropical climate, beaches, and bustling streets. It is home to the Sea Life Aquarium, and the famous Beomeosa Temple, the Buddhist shrine founded in 678 A.D. The World Championship will be held at the Busan Port Authority Convention Center from 8-12 November 2017.

Now that the event has a venue, national federations will commence their national qualifiers. Players that are selected through the national qualifiers will be officially recognized as sports athletes representing their country at the World Championship with the endorsement of their government or national sports authority. In South Africa, that organisation is known as the MSSA

Each year MSSA has ensured that South Africa has had a presence at the World Championships, with 2016 being the biggest South African attendance to date with a total of 12 players attending the event. Last year's World Championship took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, and saw South Africa come 14th, which is a great feat for SA eSports. The MSSA have assured us that they are in full gear getting ready to represent SA at the 2017 IeSF World Championships, and we cannot be more proud of them.

We will keep you posted once trials have wrapped up and the official South African team has been announced. You can also keep up to date with all the happenings by visiting the MSSA eSports Calendar for 2017

Source: Press Release

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