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Massive South African PlayStation 4 console sale announced

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If you are in the market for a PS4, or even a PS4 Pro, then April might be the month for you, as today PlayStation South Africa announced huge price cuts across the PlayStation 4 range, as well as epic bundles that will be available for four weeks. No seriously, the PS4 has never been cheaper. 

There are three major deals which start on 11 April 2017 and run until 7 May 2017.

  • Users who purchase a PS4 Pro console will get a free copy of Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as an extra DualShock 4. That is over R2,000 of savings on the PS4 Pro alone. The PS4 Pro retails for R6,999
  • All 1TB PS4 Slim consoles will also be R500 cheaper during the time of the sale, bringing them down from R5,799 to R5,299
  • Lastly, all 500GB PS4 Slim consoles will be R500 less and also be bundled with an extra DualShock 4, which means that you will be able to pick up a 500GB console with an extra DualShock 4, for only R4,499. 

These offers will be available across various local retailers beginning 11 April 2017, like AWX, BT Games, CNA, Dion Wired, Game, Incredible Connection, Musica, Marko, and TakeAlot. They are also subject to while stock lasts. 

I don't know about you, but that R4,499 PS4 bundle sounds pretty amazing for anyone who has not yet picked up a PS4, or is looking to get a family member one of their own. If you have a UHD TV and are suffering from some intense FOMO with regards to 4K gaming, then the PS4 Pro could be a great buy. Horizon Zero Dawn looks absolutely stunning on the PS4 Pro with HDR and 4K, so if you want eye candy then opt in for that. Remember, the PS4 now has external hard drive support, so buying a 500GB model and grabbing an external hard drive later on, is always an option. 

Will you be picking up a console during this sale? Let us know in the comments below. 

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