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If you are looking for something new  to play in April and  own an Xbox One, but you have no cash for gaming; then you are in luck. Megarom have given us an epic Ghost Recon: Wildlands hamper to give away to a lucky wanna-be Santa Blanca destroying mercenary.  We have played Ghost Recon: Wildlands and loved it. The co-op is by far the best feature of the game, as it provides a solid and fun multiplayer experience that works very well in SA. 

"Where Ghost Recon Wildlands succeeds is in its enjoyable co-op that never feels like it relies on strict team work. That, in combination with a gorgeous open world, creates a unique game that I will always go back to, just to blow of some steam and have a laugh with friends," from our review, Ghost Recon Wildlands co-op is the most fun you'll have in years.


Congrats to Nasthir Armichand for his very creative entry. We will be in contact regarding your prize soon 

Get a squad, and we all know that one guy in the team who is just.. Just you know? Like why man, why?? .. In this case its my younger sister who doesn't ever.. Ever stick to the plan we can do enough recon, be stealthy AF and she will still come up dabbing while throwing grenades, shouting into the Mic, "THIS IS SANTA MOTHER BLEEPING BLANCA BEECHES!!", and yes. Bleeping cause of cause mum will be around. The rest of us just facepalm because we used to her doing this on search and destroy and change from tactical to who can cause the most damage in 60 seconds. Cause that's all you need when your squad is on point AF

As for the mission, we'll kill the leader and each of us will have turns pressing crouch repeatedly around his face, trolling him to the beautiful sounds of us saying "woooolololololololo" and so fought as we are dignified soldiers of cause

Update ends...

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Hamper

  • Poster
  • Sticker Sheet
  • T-Shirt
  • Deck of Cards
  • Copy of the game on Xbox One
  • Cap

You should know by now that we don't do random draws, so in order to win the hamper, you will have to be creative. Remember, even if you do not own and Xbox One, you could enter this, and perhaps give your bestie the prize if you win. Friendship level up! 

How to Enter?

By entering, you agree to the terms and conditions. Please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions and remember that you have to be 18 years or older, from South Africa, and have a valid Disqus account. Keep in mind that we don't use to select the winner. A GameZone panel votes on who they think deserve the win; so be creative in your reply to the question listed below. You can post an image, draw something, tell a cool story - as long as it's the correct answer. 

Entry requirements: You have to infiltrate a Santa Blanca stronghold to take down the leader. What approach method do you choose to enter the stronghold, and why? 

Our esteemed panel of judges will then sit and fight over who they think deserves this hamper, and we will announce a winner on 14 April 2017. In case you need some help with your answer, then check out our review and the video below for some tips.


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