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Julia 'eN.Bish' Robson to captain Energy eSports' female CS: GO squad

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I could be mistaken, but this marks the first time one of South Africa's top eSports organisations field an all-female squad. There is no doubt; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the world's top eSports game, and it's significant for SA gaming and Energy eSports. I've played competitively in an all-female team as well as mixed teams, and while there are pros and cons to both - females teams are definitely something SA gaming needs. Julia 'eN.Bish' Robson is not an unfamiliar face; you might recall that she featured in the SteelSeries commercial that won her a trip to DreamHack in 2015.

“Our team was formed to showcase the best female gamers in South Africa. We created the team after noticing a lack of professional female players in the local scene. We would like to highlight the talent that South Africa has and in collaboration with Energy eSports, we believe that we can achieve just that," Robson explained in a press release. "We are very proud to be in Energy eSports as we believe that they will provide us the platform to show the scene what girls in gaming are all about!”

Energy eSports all-female CS: GO squad

  • Julia ‘eN.Bish’ Robson
  • Danielle ‘eN.TrueF!re’ Pienaar
  • Carmen ‘eN.Cjay’ Mcleod
  • Jana ‘eN.SaltyMonkey’ du Toit
  • Christin ‘eN.Christin’ Meistre
We wish the team all the best, and a big well done to Energy eSports for taking the step to include an all-female team to their roster.

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