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Battlefield 1: Massive upcoming changes to the ammo resupply mechanic detailed

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Earlier this month developer DICE outlined their future plans and major changes for Battlefield 1, and then, They Shall Not Pass was released. I thoroughly enjoyed the game's first expansion, but some players aren’t happy with the grenade resupply changes which was introduced as part of the expansion update.

In a recent Reddit post, DICE has explained that the changes in They Shall Not Pass are just a small portion of what the development team has been testing internally. They are calling the massive system changes Ammo 2.0, and explains that:

“Ammo 2.0 is a complete rework to the resupply mechanics of Battlefield 1 that at its core is intended to increase the utility of the Support class. It should always be helpful to have a Support with ammo gadgets around. As side effects to this system we also get much more freedom and levers to tune how often gadgets can be used beyond just max ammo count and resupply time.” - Source

DICE wants the support class to multiply the effectiveness of other classes and is implementing a shift from Support ammo gadgets “being the only way to resupply, to a cooldown based system with ammo gadgets modifying cooldowns”.

The idea behind this is to make ammo supply the most important aspect during a fight, instead of afterward when players just resupply for the next engagement. It is basically a shift from ammo boxes having a long-term benefit when dropped to a short-term benefit for your team.

DICE outlines their goals with the Ammo 2.0 initiative:

  • “Ammo gadgets should always be helpful, and increase the abilities of other gadgets in the short term, even immediately after spawning in, not just after they've expended all of their uses.
  • Other gadgets should not become completely useless once their ammo is expended, but should be stronger when supported by ammo.
  • Resupplying must be limited to prevent overuse of gadgets, but should not require players to sit on a box for an excessive amount of time, else redeploying with full ammo becomes a more attractive and efficient option than actually resupplying.” - Source

To achieve their goals, there are many more changes that the developer will be testing on the Community Test Environment. Below, you can read what the developer is currently experimenting with:

  • “The next thing coming to CTE will be a tuning pass on grenade timers and ammo box cooldown speedup. These changes will increase the time it takes to regen grenades without ammo, but also increase the strength of the ammo box buff. Resupply time with the ammo box will be mostly unchanged.
  • Suppression hindering resupply. Much like passive healing and the medkit are already blocked by suppression, we'll be extending that to resupplies as well. Incoming suppression will completely halt passive resupply, and will make resupply from ammo boxes take 50% longer. This should help reduce grenade use on infantry maps like Argonne, Verdun, and Vaux where players are often in combat, and where we also see the highest rates of grenade kills, without making grenade resupply painfully long on larger maps where grenades are much less of a problem.
  • Expanding Ammo 2.0 support to all gadgets.
  • Adding Ammo Pouch support to Ammo 2.0. Our intent for the ammo pouch is to have it apply a "sticky" effect to the soldier who picks it up, giving him a similar cooldown reduction to the ammo box on his gadgets for a short time.
  • Testing persistent cooldowns. This would mean tracking ammo count through death. Players would always spawn with at least a minimum amount of ammo, but the only way to get back to maximum would be to wait for the cooldown, either waiting a long time, or quickly with the help of a Support. No more bypassing the need to resupply by dying or redeploying.
  • Testing ammo overcharge. This would allow ammo gadgets to supply players past the normal maximum ammo for their gadgets. We can also allow progress towards the overcharge to tick up without the ammo box, then instantly apply it upon interacting with an ammo gadget. We are also looking at smoke grenades, and whether a single grenade covers enough area. We may tweak their effect to provide better cover from each grenade.” - Source
Keep in mind that not all these changes will make it to the live version of the game as some of them might be removed or altered completely. DICE wants community feedback and suggestions based on their proposed changes, giving players a “great opportunity to influence the direction of the game”.


What do you think about all changes DICE is testing with Ammo 2.0? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit

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