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Quake Champions will take the franchise to the next level

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When Bethesda first announced Quake Champions at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last year, I definitely had some concerns about the game. As an avid Quake fan, I felt that Champions didn’t need all the bells and whistles of a modern team-based shooter, specifically classes, or in this case, champions. However, everything revealed since then has melted my concerns away faster than the Lightning Gun can melt off an enemy's face. 

At first, I thought classes are a bad idea, but then I realized that the game does stay true to the heart of Quake. The franchise is all about speed, ferocity and destroying your opponents, sometimes in extremely stylish and glorious ways. I can still remember launching a rocket-jump perfectly, doing an 180 turn and hitting my opponent with a Railgun shot to claim a duel win just before a match ended for the first time. It was that experience, and countless others, that has immortalized the Quake in my mind.

Quake Champions will still have the above-mentioned scenarios and from everything I’ve seen so far, it will not only deliver the fast-paced, old-school arena combat that fans love but also improve on it with the different champions. From everything I've seen so far, it is still Quake, but pushed to the next level.

As fans of the franchise know, there are various gameplay styles in Quake. Some players prefer focusing on map control and slowly gaining an advantage over their opponents, while others like to rush into the action and force their opponents to react in a certain way. Champions will, in my opinion, push the level of strategy even further, while at the same time still deliver that Quake experience. The only difference - players will be able to choose a character with a specific ability and passive skill that compliments and enhances their playstyle.  

Last week Bethesda squashed the final concern I had about the game, revealing the business model for Quake Champions. Yes, you will be able to play it for free with the Ranger or purchase the Champions Pack to unlock all characters at once. In case you don’t want to spend any money on the game, you can still “rent” different champions with in-game currency.

If you are still on the fence about Quake Champions, remember that you can sign up for the closed beta. The trailer above showed some glorious action, and since then Bethesda also revealed Nyx and the Blood Covenant Arena, both of which look absolutely fantastic. Every week, Bethesda is showing off something new about Quake Champions…and the hype train is most definitely picking up speed.

I haven’t pre-ordered a game in a very long time, with the exception of Horizon Zero Dawn, but as soon as the Champions Pack is available, I will not hesitate to pre-order the game. Sure, there might be some imbalances at first, but player skill and fast reaction times will be the determining factor in a match. In the video embedded at the bottom of this article (which managed to completely sell me on the game), you can see the newly revealed Scalebearer champion in action.

I have watched the video about ten times, and I still have nerd chills while working on this article. There is no doubt that the Scalebearer is my favourite revealed Champion so far, with his heavyweight approach to crushing his opponents. Charging with the Bull Rush ability looks fantastic, but at the same time you know players will be able to dodge it, so using it at the right times will be key to a player’s success.

The Scalebearer's official description reads:

"Having conquered countless worlds outside of the Arena, Scalebearer is a relentless warlord determined to lead you to victory. Along with the recently featured Nyx, he’s just one of the many Champions who brings a unique set of abilities to enhance your own skills in Quake Champions."

That's exactly what I am talking about, the champion abilities that enhances a player's own skills. It is about picking the right champion that compliments your playstyle and takes it to the next level.  

At the time of writing, the game’s release date or price for the Champions Pack have not been announced, so you can stop throwing money at your screen until Bethesda reveals the aforementioned information.

What do you think about the Scalebearer and everything you’ve seen about Quake Champions so far? Let us know in the comment section below.

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"From everything I've seen so far, it is still Quake, but pushed to the next level"

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