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Rumour: Some Windows 10 updates might download over metered connections

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The massive Windows 10 Creators Update is expected to release next month, bringing some amazing new features, for example, Game Mode, to Microsoft’s Operating System (OS). Arguably one of the only things still “wrong” with the OS is automatic updates and user control over them, as these updates can cause some issues.

Unfortunately, there are reports floating around that when the Creators Update hits, some updates will now download over metered connections. Not everyone has uncapped internet access, and some users have a very limited cap to work with. Right now, a setting to stop updates from occurring over metered connections reads:

“Available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically, except over metered connections (where charges may apply)"

According to a report by Windows Supersite, another sentence has been added to the above-mentioned setting in the latest Windows 10 Insider build (15058) and now reads:

“Available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically, except over metered connections (where charges may apply). In that case, we'll automatically download only those updates required to keep Windows running smoothly.” - Source

The added line could mean that some critical updates will download even if users are close to their monthly capacity, which isn’t a good thing at all, as they may incur additional charges if their cap is reached.

Windows Supersite claims they reached out to Microsoft about the issue and received the following reply: “We don’t plan to send large updates over metered connections, but could use this for critical fixes if needed in the future.” - Source

For those working with a limited amount of data per month, that should at least lessen some of the concerns over Windows 10 updates. However, no indication was given what Microsoft classifies as “large updates”. For some users, 200mb could be on the large side, while for others, 5gb is insignificant.

It is also important to remember that critical updates and fixes keep your Windows running smoothly, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and users on an uncapped account shouldn’t be worried at all. Further, Microsoft does plan to give users more control over automatic system updates in the upcoming Creators Update, so hopefully all this could be a non-issue.

What do you think about the possibility of some Windows 10 updates downloading even if you choose the metered connection option? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Windows Supersite

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