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SA Buyers Guide: PS4 external hard drives

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The latest PS4 System Software 4.50 is out, and with it, Sony brought one of the most requested features to the PS4 Pro and standard PS4, external hard drive support. What this means for players, is that they can now connect an external hard drive to their console, and use it to install games on it, as well as copy content to and from it.

For those with a few external hard drives laying around, the storage struggle has ended. If you are now in the market for a shiny new external hard drive to plug into your console, this guide will be your saving grace.

What you need to know

  • Extended storage needs to be bigger than 250GB and smaller than 8TB
  • USB 3.0 compatible devices are only supported
  • Cannot connect through USB extender or hub
  • Hard drive will be formatted to be read on PS4 consoles only, you will not be able to use this HDD on Windows or Mac after formatting
  • You can copy games to and from anyone's PS4 console, so you won't need to download them if your friend has already done so. You will need to buy it and own the digital license for it first.

So now that we have the technical side of things done, let's take a look at the best options for external hard drives in South Africa. For this guide, I wanted to include the two ways to buy an external hard drive, one being the classic external model, and the other is buying an internal hard drive, and then a USB 3.0 enclosure so you can assemble it yourself. 

Option 1: Simple external HDD

When looking for a PS4 HDD, you don't need to go for anything fancy at all, but you can if you wanted to. There are also other options available for those who don't want the standard external HDD, this includes external hard drives and even a larger 3.5" HDD. 

2.5" hard drives

  • Evetech: Seagate 2.5" 2TB external HDD - R1599
  • Evetech: Seagate 2.5" 1TB external HDD - R1099
  • Wootware: Western Digital 2.5" 1TB external HDD - R999
  • Takealot: Seagate 2.5" 2TB external HDD - R1399
  • Incredible Connection: Seagate 2.5" 1TB external HDD - R1199

3.5" hard drives

  • Wootware: Orico 3.5" 8TB external HDD - R3999
  • Takealot: Transcend 2.5" 3TB external HDD - R1760
  • Makro: Western Digital Desktop 4TB external HDD - R2168

Option 2: Internal HDD with enclosure

The second route you could go for is to buy an internal hard drive, and then buy a casing for it. You would want to look for USB 3.0 enclosures, and any internal hard drive you think will be sufficient for your storage needs.

2.5" + 3.5" hard drives

  • Rebel Tech: Western Digital  1TB 3.5" internal HDD - R718
  • Rebel Tech: Seagate BarraCuda 2TB 3.5" internal HDD - R1149
  • Rebel Tech: Seagate Mobile 1TB 2.5" internal HDD - R830

HDD enclosures:

When looking for a hard drive enclosure, don't go on the cheap, but then again don't spend more than R300 on them as they are often flimsy. Using it for your PS4 should not be an issue as you will simply plug it in and leave it. Often I have faced issue with these hard drives enclosures when using them to copy data across, as the ports break very easily. The best thing about an enclosure, is that you can remove the HDD out of it and put in a different one, breaking that restriction of having one HDD at a time. 

  • Takealot: Orico 2.5" hard drive enclosure - R119
  • Takealot: Orico 3.5" hard drive enclosure - R315
  • Wootware: Orico tool-free 2.5" hard drive enclosure - R145

So no matter what your budget, there is an affordable option to grab or even build an external hard drive for the PS4. We would recommend going over 1TB, and perhaps even look at a 2TB model, as games these days are pretty large, and a bigger hard drive means you will never need to worry about space again. 

Will you be grabbing an external hard drive for your PS4, if so what route will you be going? Let us know in the comments below.

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