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GTX 1080 Ti South African Price List

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Earlier this month, Nvidia unveiled the GTX 1080 Ti as the "ultimate Geforce" experience. It is, of course, the recommended card to play the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda at 4K resolution, as well as any game in the foreseeable future - VR included.

The two biggest drawcards for the GTX 1080 Ti is Nvidia's claim  that it outperforms its cheaper counterpart, the Titan X, and that is boasts 30% more power than the GTX 1080.

So, before we take a look at the South African price list for the GTZ 1080 Ti, let's talk about why you should consider purchase it. Since we cannot test the card ourselves, I turned to Digital Foundry for some answers. In a nutshell; yes the GTX 1080 Ti does sport some crucial upgrades that makes it the best GPU to maximize performance to play at 4K resolution and 60FPS. It's better than the Titan X because it meets almost identical performance (a bit better/lower at some points) while at a cheaper price, and better than the GTX 1080 because it outputs much better stats.

DF verdict: The GTX 1080 Ti "is the best GPU companion for maximising gameplay results on a 4K display." Don't forget that you'll need to have a 4K monitor to experience the card at its best.

Please take note: Digital Foundry tested the GTX 1080 Ti Founder's Edition which is currently at the best puce at Wootware. All prices reflected as at the time of writing.

GTX 1080 Ti - Rebeltech

  • MSI Founder's Edition: R12 999
  • Gigabyte Founder's Edition: R12 999
  • ASUS Founder's Edition: R12 999

Find Rebeltech's GTX 1080 Ti price list here.

GTX 1080 Ti - Evetech

  • MSI Founder's Edition: R13 499 (includes For Honor of Ghost Recon: Wildlands)

Find Evetech's GTX 1080 Ti price list here.

GTX 1080 Ti - Wootware

  • MSI Founder's Edition: R13 834
  • Galax Founder's Edition: R12 799
  • Zotac Founder's Edition: R12 799
  • Gigabyte Founder's Edition: R13 348
  • ASUS Founder's Edition: R13 680

Find Wootware's GTX 1080 Ti price list here.

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