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Microsoft ads might suddenly appear in the most inappropriate places on Windows 10

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Adverts are never something we want to deal with, especially if we pay for something, say an operating system (OS). However, Microsoft have been slowly implementing adverts into the Windows 10 experience for some time now. It started with the Start Menu getting a few "promotional" apps added to the front, to help boost some of the current apps in the Windows 10 Store. 

We now face adverts being implemented into the OS itself, across the File Explorer of all places. These adverts that were discovered by, have appeared in the Quick Access portion of Windows 10, and they are advertising Microsoft's OneDrive subscription. Seen as this service is a big part of the Windows 10 experience, we can understand the importance of the package, but why hound users by nagging them to purchase the service with adverts plastered all over their work files? 

Up to now Microsoft have been rather subtle with their adverts, by quietly placing them into different parts of the OS. We would see pop ups on the right bottom of the screen advertising store deals, but there has never been anything so in your face as this latest discovery. I for one have not personally seen the ad on my notebook, but that could be because I already own an office 365 subscription. When it expires in April, I am worried that I will have to constantly dismiss these pop ups.

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There is however a saving grace, you can disable them so they will never bother you again. If you do experience this advert nagging you to buy something that you probably would have already bought it you needed it, then just head to View>Options>and look for "Show sync provider notifications". This will now prevent any nasty adverts from randomly appearing on your Windows 10.

We pay for Windows 10, even if you got it pre-installed on a new purchase of a notebook, or upgraded to it, you likely have paid some sort of premium for it somewhere along the line.

What do you think about these adverts? Are Microsoft in the right or the wrong here? Let us know in the comments below. 

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