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The Ghost Recon Wildlands launch event gave us a lesson in military combat

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands is all about forming up with a squad, be it online or offline, and heading into different locations to take down the Santa Blanca Cartel. This past weekend Megarom and Airsoft HQ brought the game's scenario to life with a launch event that will rival every other for years to come. 

When you think of Ghost Recon Wildlands, you think of running through the hills of Bolivia, teaming up with you friends, and of course taking down the enemy. Airsoft HQ and Megarom worked hand-in-hand to bring this to life as evident when I entered the City of the Dead in Randfontien, Johannesburg. This dilapidated village was once a small mining town, but now all that remains is nature and a few walls. Covering 16 hectares, the area is huge, and contains various different environments to explore, for example the forest, the village and a huge field with grass so long you can lay down and it will cover you.

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Airsoft is all about the weapons, so we were kitted out with a M4 air rifle loaded with three hundred bullets and a map of the area. Like all things in life, balance is necessary, so we had some professional players on our team, one of them named Cobalt who has been in the military, and in the field for over twenty years. He was my leader so I felt pretty safe with him around. 

Our objective for the day; infiltrate the Santa Blanca's hideout somewhere in the City of the Dead, and extract the intel. Lucky for us there was a military vehicle patrolling the outskirts of the city - the perfect mode of transport into the city. We set up traps by pulling logs into the road to block it off, and when it pulled up we held the driver hostage. My team and I went in through the back, as the truck made its way into the city. It was meant to be a pincer attack from two sides, but we underestimated our enemy as they camped out all the buildings and ambushed us.

It was two grueling hours of intense gun fights, and when I say grueling I mean it. The sun, the running, the climbing, and the falling. It was all part of the experience, and it was awesome. The pain on the other hand is a little different. When I asked the pros how it felt when you got shot, they told me it was like a mosquito bite. Well I was shot in the neck four times, and it felt like a hornet was having its way with me, never mind a mosquito. The thing is, while you are in the game, adrenaline is pumping so pain is numbed a little and your legs can run forever. The sun fried my skin, I had cuts and bruises all over my body, but I did not even realize it until I got home.

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The best part about it all was just how realistic it was, and how "Tom Clancy" it all felt. We had an objective, we had realistically heavy guns that packed a punch, our squad leaders had radios to communicate with other team mates around the area, and we even had a military tank patrolling the roads. I felt like I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of Bolivia. Shooting the rifle was also extremely addictive too, as every shot gave a nice kick in both semi and auto mode. I chose to shoot in semi, because accuracy, while my teammate decided to spray his entire mag all over the place in auto...he did not hit anything. For a noob at the game, I think I did pretty well, but the rules of the game are also very strict, and you can be penalized for breaking them. 

No hip fire, blind fire from behind walls, and even close range shots weren't permitted. I was shot by an enemy at a 5-meter distance, so I think that rule is often broken. I got a few shots in here and there, and I caused some media harm, sorry about that guys. In the end we failed to obtain the intel, but we had a great time attempting to gather it. 

Airsoft may be a game, but the professionals take it very seriously. Some of them even have sniper rifles and can take your down from afar, and pack a secondary weapon that can be used while they are down. Here I was in my shorts and T-shirt, running through the field, and on the other team we had some guys dressed in full body camo and army boots, carrying a 10KG bullet proof vest. That is dedication.

Once again we want to thank Megaom for putting together an awesome launch event, and giving us a taste of what it is like to take on an operation that felt so amazing. If you are interested in finding out more about the Airsoft game, or want to do it for a birthday party, find them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also view the entire photo album from the day.

About Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands takes players to Bolivia, a country now run by the Santa Blanca drug cartel. You objective, eliminate the people behind the operations, and weaken the grip the organization has on the county. With 11 different ecosystems and an expansive open world to explore, you will have your work cutout for you as you take down each of the leaders. We have already covered the game's upcoming season pass and free PvP update, as well as the PC enhancements you will find on the platform. 

Ghost Recon Willands launches on 7 March for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Watch the latest trailer showcasing the post-launch content below and then tell us if you will be playing the game tomorrow.

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