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R1 million CS: GO tournament announced for South Africa


South Africa landed its second R1 million prize pool eSports tournament for 2017. Earlier this year, Telkom announced their Masters series with a R1.5 million purse spread across three games, Dota 2, CS: GO and FIFA 17. The Mettlestate tournament will focus on one game, CS: GO, and is the brainchild of eSports caster Barry “Anthrax” Louzada, and Lewis “Vudulew” Williams, Thomas “Steigerz” Reid and Jonathan “Antagonist” Megit.

Yesterday, Mettlestate kicked off the R1 million CS: GO tournament with a showcase match between Energy eSports and Bravado Gaming. Energy beat Bravado 2:1 and walked away with R50 000 in cash. “Once the stage had been set, the battle fought and the victor hailed, Mettlestate thought it apt to reveal a few of the aces we had up our sleeve – like the CS:GO tournament and the R1 million Rand prize pool, a first of its kind; the likes of which will forever change the face of esports in South Africa,” explained Louzada.

Mettlestate partnered with for the CS: GO tournament, and hope to further grow South Africa's viewer base, which is currently around 200 000 views per month. "The way Twitch works is: the more viewers and subscribers you have, the more customisation you can have on your channel. Starting Twitch is free to anyone but the only problem is that you can’t adjust your streaming quality which is 720p (basically, high definition)," continued Louzada."The biggest benefit of our partnership with Twitch is the ability to change the streaming quality, which as we know in South Africa (due to our lack of high speed internet) can be a problem – particularly for gamers. Mettlestate’s aim is to be involved in creating more opportunities for gamers in South Africa and to forge the future for those gamers.”

The Mettlestate CS: GO tournament will see 24 teams battle it out for that R1 million prize pool. There are 12 spots for local teams to enter, while the 12 teams below have received an invite:

  1. Bravado Gaming
  2. Energy eSports
  3. Aperture
  4. Damage Control
  5. eXdee
  6. Flipside Tactics
  7. Mythic
  8. PuLse-Gaming
  9. Veneration E-Sports
  10. Ventus Gaming
  11. White Rabbit Gaming
  12. xTc Gaming

Source: Mettlestate

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