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DXRacer gaming chairs launch in South Africa and they are everything

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As a serious gamer, I spend a lot of time sitting and playing games, as we all probably do, and honestly speaking, it is not good for our bodies at all. Sitting in certain positions can have an impact on our backs, as well as affect our posture, and lead to some rather serious conditions later on in our lives.

Many of us sit behind a screen the whole day either working or playing on it. That time should be comfortable, and not cause bodily harm. Well this is where the DXRacer range comes in. As the world's most comfortable gaming chair, it is designed to be both comfortable, versatile, and look awesome at the same time. 

During this past weekend, I headed to Evetech in Pretoria to attend the official launch of the new chairs in South Africa, and tested them all out for myself. With Overwatch in front of me, and a comfortable chair to plonk my behind in, it was a perfect Saturday morning. 

DXRacer Gaming Chair Range

In South Africa, Megarom have worked hard to bring in the best of the DXRacer range, and there are a couple you can choose from if you are in the market for a new gaming chair. Now the most important thing about these chairs is the versatility to console and PC gamers, while still looking like something out of the future. DXRacer started as a sport car seat designer 30 years ago, and today they have perfected the gaming chair. The slogan "Sit Better. Work Harder. Game Longer" encapsulates what these chairs are about, as they are designed to be the perfect office chair, as well as the best companion for your long gaming sessions. 

DXRacer South Africa 4.jpg

Memory foam padded seats, adjustable arch support, arms rests, and a wide seat angle means anyone will find these chairs perfect for them. The proof is in the pudding as during the event, the whole range was on display to try out, and they never disappointed. The Formula Series is the entry level chair that has everything you will expect from these high-quality pieces of gaming furniture. It is sturdy, can support the weight of up to 100KGs, while the backrest can adjust from 90-135 degrees. 

DXRacer South Africa 1.jpg

The King Series, Tank Series, and Racing Series also give you different options to choose from, and they all look a little different and have a higher weight threshold. It all depends on the type of chair you are looking for. I, for one, love the Formula range, as it makes for a good budget model, while still offering the great features that the chairs are known for. Saying that, the Tank series, being the top of the range ones, sure do look awesome and have a few added features like support for 200KGs, as well as a a 4-star gas lift. 

All the chairs are built around a sturdy aluminium frame that is then used as the base for the foam. The chair is then covered in a high-quality PU leather, which gives it the awesome final look and feel. They come in a range of different colours too, orange being my favorite, because Overwatch.

Sitting on a cloud

While I was a bit skeptical at first about these chairs, they proved me wrong. At first I wondered just how different it could be from a standard office chair, but when I sat in one, it all made sense. The seat is so soft that you just float into it, but what makes it the most comfortable is its backrest that wraps around your shoulders and supports your back perfectly.

I am a console gamer most of the time, and I was worried that these chairs would cater just for PC gamer, but this is not the case, With my very own chair, I lowered the backrest a bit, put my feet up and enjoy the game on my TV with a controller in my hands. The arm rests on the sides are perfect, and thanks to the padding in them, my elbows rest without getting uncomfortable at all. They also move up and down, so depending on the position I sit in, they adjust to my liking.  

DXRacer South Africa 2.jpg

The Tank on the other hand, has a larger seat which is great if you want to move around a bit, but the Formula chair I sat in never felt small at all, even though I am a pretty big guy. The most exciting part about the chair now, is that I will be able to work comfortably, without slouching or damaging my back. I am very tall, so naturally I have back issues that come and go, and sitting is always a stress for me because you never know what is right and wrong. 

It is all up to you what chair will suit you best though, as the range varies so slightly between them all. The bottom of the range starts at R6599, and is available through Evetech. If you want to try them out first, you can visit the Evetech warehouse in Pretoria, and take a seat in one before you make a decision. All I can say is that my gaming comfortableness levels have changed drastically since I have been using mine, and if you are in a chair all day, save yourself the pain and invest in one. Take a look at the Evetech website for the full range, and decide which one would be best for you. 

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