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Battlefield 1 local servers - What SA gamers need to know

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Yesterday, South African multiplayer servers for Battlefield 1 rolled out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was a moment of pure, unadulterated joy. As we've said many times, (and can't say enough), this victory belongs to the local Battlefield community who just wouldn't give up until someone (in this case, YouTube celebs JackFrags & Levelcapgaming) heard their plea and escalated the matter until EA DICE finally agreed.

I cannot describe that moment when I joined a server and the first thing I see is low pings followed by a boertjie saying in all chat "Daai 50 ping kani waar wees." So say we all dude, so say we all.

There is someone who sums up all those feels in a parody.

Thanks for the feels Ashlee Smith!

We've played on the PC and PlayStation 4 servers, and we're happy to report that the overall experience is exactly what any Battlefield player wanted. We're busy with an article about the local experience, so keep an eye on GameZone for our report later today or early Thursday morning.

So, before we get to the good stuff, let's go over the most important issue we've heard from players - how to connect to South African servers. Below is a video showing you how to reach the battlefield as well as some PlayStation 4 gameplay.

Battlefield 1 - How to connect to SA servers 

The easiest option for me (PC):

  • Select multiplayer
  • Select Quick Match
  • Wait for the match to load

Battlefield auto joins you to a local server. I've had no issue with this method and I've always found a game and never had a disconnect.

Marco prefers the following option (PS4):

  • Go to multiplayer ... server browser
  • Go to Filter
  • Type the word Africa in the text field
  • All the servers will show up on a list
  • Join and have fun

List of Africa servers for Battlefield 1

  • PlayStation 4 (16 servers): 3 War Pigeon | 3 Team Deathmatch [24] | 3 Rush [24] | 3 Domination [24] | 4 Conquest [64]
  • Xbox One (16 servers): 3 War Pigeon | 3 Team Deathmatch [24]| 3 Rush [24] | 3 Domination [24] | 4 Conquest [64]
  • PC (10 servers): 2 War Pigeon [24] | 2 Team Deathmatch [24] | 2 Rush [24] | 2 Domination [24] | 2 Conquest [64]

I don't know if my server browser refuses to pick up more than ten servers for PC, but that's all I am getting. Surely there can't be more servers for console? Be that as it may, let's hope the Rent-a-server program improves so that more become available for renting, and/or that EA decided to roll out an equal amount for all three platforms.

In the video below you can check out how to join a server as well as set your in-game graph which shows all your connection details. In our follow-up article we'll discuss the complete SA multiplayer experience, so stay tuned.

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