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About those unannounced Bethesda projects

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Bethesda has some big, unannounced projects in the works. Last year, they hinted that they have “big and crazy”, long-term projects, but so far they've kept a tight lid on said projects. One of the projects could very well be a new Wolfenstein game, which is looking more likely than ever after Bethesda’s VP of Marketting, Pete Hines, spoke on a podcast last week.

Speaking to IGN in an interview, Bethesda Game Studios Director, Todd Howard, revealed that there are seven projects currently in the works. Mr. Howard clarified that one of those is a new mobile game and two others have been officially announced, namely Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch.

That leaves four unannounced projects, five if you count the new mobile game; and you probably should, seeing as Fallout Shelter is amazing. Expanding on all the projects Bethesda is working on, Mr. Howard explained that: “So some of those things are obviously of different scales. We're always doing a lot of things, and once we get good momentum on something, that's what we'll focus on.”

According to IGN, Mr. Howard specifically referenced two projects that are “bigger than anything we’ve ever done” and continues by describing the aforementioned projects as "what I would call... kind of different, but still the kind of game people would associate with us."

We know that The Elder Scrolls VI will happen, that much has been confirmed in October last year, but it wasn’t in active development at that time. Some might think that one of the two big projects is The Elder Scrolls VI, but Mr. Howard comments that: "People will probably hear about those [other two big projects] even before Elder Scrolls 6."

At the time of writing there is no indication when Bethesda will announce one of their upcoming projects. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) starts on 14 June 2017, so maybe we will learn something new then, but at this point we simply don’t know.

What do you think the big unannounced projects could be? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: IGN

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"bigger than anything we’ve ever done"

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