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Crash Bandicoot returns to PlayStation 4 in June

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After a few teaser hints here and there, one being on Activision's Twitter account where they tweeted a series of the classic "?" boxes found in the game with the text "Yeah, we're pretty excited too". It was an obvious hint to the reveal of a release date for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, which happened last night! 

Our favorite marsupial will be returning to the PlayStation family on 30 June 2017. Activision finally let the cat out of the bag over on their blog where they also discussed the lengthily development time, and why we have waited so long for the game. 

According to the blog post, development took longer than expected due to the amount of polish needed, and standards that were set when the game's production began. The post mentions that the game will be running on a whole new engine and make use of physically based rendering, increased texture size, and other awesome fancy tech that will make Crash Bandicoot look better, and a little crazier than ever. 

Activision also announced the voice actors who will be doing the sounds of all our favorite characters:

  • Fred Tatasciore (Dingodile, Koala Kong, Komodo)
  • Debi Derryberry (Coco, Tawna)
  • Greg Eagles (Aku Aku)
  • Dwight Schultz (Papu, Lab Assistant)
  • Maurice LaMarche (Nitrous Brio, Lab Assistant)
  • John DiMaggio (Uka, Tiny Tiger)
  • Jess Harnell (Crash Bandicoot, Pinstripe Potoroo, Ripper Roo)
  • Corey Burton (Doctor N. Gin, Doctor N. Tropy, Baby Cortex)
  • Lex Lang (Dr. Neo Cortex)

For those who don't know, Crash Bandicoot the N.Sane Trilogy is a complete AAA remaster (according to Dan Tanguay, Game Director), that pushed Activision to pay as much attention to it as they would any title. The game features all three original games, remade from the ground up, with a brand new soundtrack, engine, trophy support, and more. If you ask me, the game looks fantastic, and I cannot wait to play it. Crash Bandicoot was the game that I spent my childhood playing, so this is going to be rather nostalgic. 

Take a look at the launch date reveal trailer and gameplay trailer below.

Gameplay Trailer

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