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BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION surpasses Kickstarter goal

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The fans have spoken, and Cape Town-based, The Brotherhood will woo the world of gaming once more. BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $120 000 with three days remaining on the clock.

"WE THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. Nic and I are humbled by your faith in our vision for BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. We're certain that you're going to love the world we're cooking up. Nothing easy is worth doing and nothing worth doing is easy; so now the hard work begins," reads the announcement from brother Chris.

If you still want in, then keep an eye on the BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION Kickstarter page for the new stretch goals they'll announce later today. The Brotherhood will also host a livestream event where you can ask them advice about game development, or about their three projects; STASIS, CAYNE, and the upcoming BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION.

  • Date: 15 February
  • Time: 10 PM SAST
  • Submit your question HERE

A few days ago, we interviewed The Brotherhood read more: BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION brings a piece of Africa to gaming.

I hope more join the Kickstarter campaign, I bagged a lovely boxed version of BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION, and I dare you to join. There are times when you just gotta give, and this is a project worthy of your support.

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