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Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment Opens for PC Players


No EA, this is not the news we've been waiting for ...

Last night, EA DICE announced that the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment is now also open to PC gamers, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to follow. Battlefield 1's CTE is much like Overwatch's Public Test Region (PTR), and believe me, it's something you should play if you have access to it. If you partake in Overwatch's PTR, then you get to try new content, features and tweaks before it's released, and you get to give Blizzard feedback about their proposed changes. Battlefield 1's CTE will work almost exactly the same way.

"The CTE is a Battlefield 1 environment where involved players can help us test new features, improved/changed content, and experiments that aren’t yet (and may never be) ready for public release," explains EA DICE on the official Battlefield website. "The CTE lets us share our development process with our players, get your valuable feedback earlier, and keep improving the Battlefield 1 experience. The earlier we can get player feedback and full 64 player servers testing our latest features – the better off we’re going to be."

EA will initially use the CTE for technical testing to ensure "stability" before they roll out an update to the servers. They also plan to add "Battlefield 1 content" at a later stage.

Selected "veterans" will get first access to the CTE, but if you want to take part, then you should register in the Battlefield Companion app.

To register for the Community Test Environment you need to use the Battlefield Companion app.

  1. Install the Companion app and login with your EA login
  2. Press the "HOME" button, and select "COMMUNITY TEST ENVIRONMENT"
  3. Read the agreements and press "I AGREE" once you do agree.
  4. Registration should be successful - and your Origin client should now show a new game called Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment. Download & Install it.
  5. Press play, and you are in the CTE!

In March, the first Battlefield 1 expansion, "They Shall Not Pass" releases, and we also know that local servers for Africa, the Middle East and Hong Kong are in "the final stages of development."

In the video below, Battlefield 1 veteran "Flakfire" discusses more information about the upcoming expansion: The behemoth, elite class, vehicles, guns and more.

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