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Valve releases a long-awaited Steam feature

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If you’ve been using Steam for since its release in 2003, you’ve more than likely upgraded your pc a couple of times, replaced an HDD or at the very least added some additional storage to your machine. Having used Steam for more than a decade, I can attest that one feature sorely missing from Valve’s Digital Distribution Platform is the ability to move game install folders.

Sometimes, especially with older games, copying the files to a different location and then verifying integrity of the game install simply doesn’t work, or doesn’t work well, resulting in the need to download files or even completely reinstall the game. Thankfully, these woes might be a thing of the past soon, as Steam users on Reddit are reporting that a feature which allows you to move game install folders is already available to them and it is listed in the latest Steam update patch notes.

After the latest Steam update this morning, the feature still wasn’t available for me, but it is reportedly rolling out periodically to different regions, so it is only a matter of time before everyone can use it. Further, the feature is already available to those who use the Steam Beta client option, so it is worth checking out. When the feature does release for South Africans, you can move your games with ease by following the instructions from below:

  • “Find the game you want to move in your Games library.
  • Right-click it and select Properties.
  • Click the Local Files tab.
  • Click Move Install Folder.
  • Choose a new location where you’d like to store your game.” - Source

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From the image above via Lifehacker, you can see that the “Move install folder” has replaced the old “Delete local content” option. The feature is definitely a big quality of life improvement, especially for those who run the game they are currently playing from a small SDD and would like to move their install files to a HDD when they have finished a game, but still might to replay it in the future without the need to manually move files or re-download the game.                      

What do you think about the new feature and have you been waiting for it for years? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Reddit, Lifehacker, Steam 

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