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Pokémon GO: The drop rate of rare Pokémon from 10km eggs

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If you’ve ever wonder what the chances are of getting a rare egg (10km) in Pokémon GO and when you do get one, what the chances are of hatching a specific Pokémon you want, then a recently completed research project by Reddit user pablopang might hold the answers. Over a period of one week, pablopang gathered data on 133547 eggs and found that one in every 42 egg drops should be a 10km egg.

The research also indicates the drop rate of rare Pokémon from the 10km eggs. If you feel like you might have unlucky so far while hatching 10km eggs, the results of the research might set your mind at ease, as the chances of getting a specific Pokémon you want are slim.

  • Snorlax: 0.29% chance – one in every 346 eggs
  • Lapras: 0.23% chance – one in every 427 eggs
  • Chansey: 0.30% chance – one in every 335 eggs
  • Porygon: 0.30% chance – one in every 329 eggs
  • Dratini: 0.35% chance – one in every 285 eggs
  • Aerodactyl: 0.30% chance – one in every 332 eggs
  • Lickitung: 0.29% chance – one in every 344 eggs
  • Grimer: 0.32% chance – one in every 310 eggs

As you can see from the information above, Lapras has the lowest hacking chance while Dratini has the highest. Players can obviously get lucky and hatch two Lapras’ in a row, but the chances of that happening are extremely slim. If you go on the average revealed by the research, you will need to hatch 285 10km eggs, which amounts to 2850km for one Dratini. That’s about a third of the way to Europe….

What do you think about the drop rates revealed by the research and do you have good or bad luck when it comes to hatching eggs? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit

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