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Battlefield 1 teaser hints at new French elite class and super tank

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Battlefield 1's first expansion, "They Shall Not Pass" releases in March, and so far we've had a few interesting teasers. The first was concept art and the words "Soyez prêts," which EA DICE tweeted in December last year. I made some predictions about the expansion, and most of it turned out to be right on the money as we saw when EA released the first official details the very next day.

"They Shall Not Pass" will focus on the Battle of Verdun, and specifically Fort Vaux, with the French vs. the Russians. Yesterday, EA DICE gave us another tease, and this time we see one of the most important vehicles from They Shall Not Pass. More details about the expansion will release this coming week.

They Shall Not Pass - Char 2C Heavy Tank

The tank in the tweet is the Char 2C, (also known as the FCM 2C); a French super-heavy tank, and also the largest tank in history. Oddly enough, even though it was build during World War 1, it was only used in World War II. The Char 2C could accommodate a crew of 12 soldiers, and fire four kilograms of explosive at a velocity of 240 m/s. It weighed 69 tons, with most of the weight allocated to armour. The two rotating machine guns made defense much easier as the tank didn't have to be turned around to face attacks. It had a total of four 8mm machine guns spread around the massive hulk of the tank.

Only 10 units of the Char 2C were ever built. Lastly, you'll also note what looks to be a French elite soldier with heavy body armour and a new melee weapon.

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