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Windows 10: Microsoft's Personal Shopping Assistant invades Chrome

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Microsoft finally admitted at the end of last year that the Windows 10 upgrade push was too aggressive. The upgrade push is over, but now Microsoft’s latest Operating System (OS) is reportedly pushing users in a new way, in the form of pop-up ads for their Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) extension in Google Chrome. 

First reported by Myce, users are complaining that after a recent Windows Creators Update beta (according to Forbes), a pop-up add appears when they launch Chrome, asking them to install the PSA extension. The incident occurs when users have Chrome pinned to their taskbar, where an ad now hovers over the Chrome icon, as you can see from the message in the image above (via Myce).

The PSA has been available for more than a year, for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera, but this is the first time that Ads for it start to appear, which some users feel is invasive. Chrome users have already taken to the extension’s store page to launch complaints since the ad started popping up. One user, John Hines Jr, who sums up the situation in his review of the PSA extension, explains:

“Installed this so I could leave this review. I'm uninstalling it right after. Microsoft Windows 10 popped up a notification when I launched Chrome tonight, telling me I should install this extension. Basically, they forced a popup ad into my Windows experience, and interfered with my use of my computer to push this waste of time onto me. They should be banned from the Chrome store because of this.” - Source

You can of course opt not to install the extension, but that would mean the ad will continue to pop up periodically. The Windows 10 Creators update promises some excellent new features, such as a “game mode” and a new experience which should squash privacy concerns. Hopefully, Microsoft will either tone down or remove the pop-up ad for the PSA completely before the Creators Update gets released (expected in April), seeing as the reception has been overwhelmingly negative.

Have you seen the PSA ad pop up over the Chrome icon and what do you think about the situation? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Myce, Google Chrome

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