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South Korean military used gaming footage in official fighter jet combat video

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Kotaku reports that the Korean military is in hot water over using Battlefield 3 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon gameplay footage in a video showcasing aircraft performance. "The military acknowledged that the footage wasn’t authorized and said it will cease using the clip. It also blamed the company that produced the video, and that company is, in turn, blaming the Agency for Defense Development and Korea Aerospace Industries, alleging that they had a say over everything," explains Kotaku.

At the moment, it sounds like it's a back and forth of whose to blame between the Ministry of National Defense, the Agency for Defense Development, the Korea Aerospace Industries, Vix, and the company that produced the video. Total cost? About 40 million won.

The story first appeared in The Korea Times, herewith an excerpt using Google translate: It was confirmed that the video was also presented to members of the National Assembly defense committee. An official at the Korea Copyright Commission said, "Unauthorized use of this length is sufficient to be subject to copyright infringement." The production cost of the promotional video was estimated to be about 40 million won."

It's not the first time a government organisation uses video game footage as official military footage. In January last year, the Iranian state TV broadcasted footage of a Hezbollah sniper taking down six Isis soldiers in under two minutes. It was a scene from 2010's Medal of Honor.

You can check out the Korean 'military' video below, gaming footage from 6:53 to 7:03.

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