Two years after release Elite: Dangerous players make first contact with alien life

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Elite: Dangerous has been out for years, and until recently, no player has encountered alien life in the game, even though there have been some clues in the game pointing towards aliens. Players have been searching for said aliens since the game was released in December 2014 on PC and August 2015 for Xbox One, with no luck. Until one commander stumbled upon an alien spaceship.

Without any hype train built by teaser videos or multiple developer interviews, it looks like aliens have been found (or added?) to the game. Frontier Developments have all but confirmed that aliens exist in their space exploration and trading game after an Xbox One player called Robert 'DP Sayre' Bettig uploaded some clips on Xbox Game DVR documenting his encounter with alien life. Shortly afterward, the developer tweeted the following: “Commander DP Sayre reported the first known encounter with an Unknown Ship”

Speaking to PC Gamer, DP Sayre explained that his encounter was completely unexpected: "It still hasn't sunk in completely. Messages are still coming in as we're talking. So far everyone has been extremely supportive and congratulatory. I feel honored. Did I ever think I'd be the first? No. This kind of thing is supposed to happen to other people, not me." - Source

It is speculated by players on Reddit that the alien race is known as the Thargoids, an insectoid alien species who are extremely aggressive and have been found in previous titles throughout the years, for example Frontier: First Encounters. The developer isn’t giving anything away just yet. According to the BBC, the developer said that: “We are currently investigating reports of unusual sightings around the Elite Dangerous galaxy, but we are otherwise unable to comment on galactic rumour and speculation.” - Source

Some believe that this might be the start of something big for Elite: Dangerous and that a war with the Thargoids might even be something to consider. After the first encounter, multiple others started reporting contact with alien life and one player even turned his weapons on the insect-like alien beings. The video (embedded below) of the first encounter is chilling to put it lightly. The player didn’t even know what was happening and the alien encounter is exactly what it should be; a frightening occurrence where the player feels helpless.

Watch the clips of the first find combined by YouTuber MrSenseofReason below and then tell us what you think about the first contact with alien life in Elite: Dangerous.

Sources: BBC, Twitter, PC Gamer, Reddit

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