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MWEB GameZone 2016 GOTY Winner: An Unexpected Win

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I am speechless. Battlefield 1 snatched the win away from The Last Guardian in the last 60 minutes before our poll for MWEB GameZone's 2016 GOTY closed! I kid you not. At 8 am this morning The Last Guardian has almost double the votes than that of Battlefield 1, I even tweeted that the PlayStation 4 exclusive was in the lead. In fact, throughout the duration of the poll, The Last Guardian was leading with almost 50% more votes than the number two, which was between Battlefield 1 and Overwatch.

Perhaps the local Battlefield community once again decided to turn fate's hand.

MWEB GameZone 2016 GOTY: Poll Results Vote Percentage

  1. Battlefield 1: 47%
  2. The Last Guardian: 31%
  3. Overwatch: 16%
  4. Dark Souls III: 5%
  5. Inside: 2%

Battlefield 1 was also my highlight of "Looking back at 2016 in SA Gaming: The Show Must Go On." The journey we've had with the no local server issues is truly an extraordinary tale, and we honour the local community for their dedication and passion. So, perhaps it's only fitting that it also won our 2016 GOTY award.

2017 is going to be a very interesting year for the South African Battlefield community, as we're finally getting those promised local servers. 

Well done Battlefield fans, you deserved this win. Again.


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