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AMD's Vega-based GPU first official performance revealed

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Earlier this month I reported on a rumor that AMD’s upcoming GPU might be called the Radeon 490 Pro and could even be based on their yet-to-be-released Vega architecture. In the last five minutes of New Horizon event last night, AMD finally showed what the Vega-based GPU is capable of. AMD didn’t say exactly what the average FPS on the Vega-based GPU was, only that it was running on 4k at “greater than 60fps” in Star Wars Battlefront’s soon-to-be-released DLC, Rogue One.

However, an earlier leak during a behind-closed-doors showing (as reported by DSO Gaming) had a PC set up with a Vega-based GPU a sign reading “Enthusiast Class Gaming”, which ran DOOM at 4K and 60FPS with the Vulkan API. No official specs have been released for this beast of a GPU, but Videocardz did provide some leaked specifications from the event and via a performance analysis:

  • 12.5 TFLOPs Compute Performance
  • 1525 MHz Clock Speed
  • 4096 Stream Processors
  • 512 GB/s memory bandwidth (HBM2)  

Tekknological first uploaded a video of the PC running DOOM, which has since been taken down. However, you can still watch the video as uploaded by Videocardz below, which shows DOOM running at 4K and over 60FPS on the Vega-based GPU. The difference between AMD’s official showing and the closed-door leak is that you can see the FPS counter, showing an average of around 68 FPS, which means the Vega-based GPU is as fast (or maybe even slightly faster) than a GTX 1080.

At the time of writing there is no official confirmation when the Vega-based GPUs will be released, what they will be called (except for an image showing “Radeon Instinct” on a graphics card, as captured by or how the graphics cards will be priced.

Watch the AMD’s new Horizon Event below (54:30) where the Vega-based GPU accompanied by the upcoming RYZEN CPU (which will compete with Intel’s Skylake) running Star Wars Battlefront’s soon-to-be-released DLC, Rogue One, at 4K and “greater than 60fps. Most of the hour-long video detailing AMD’s Zen processors, now called RYZEN, which is also worth checking out as well. 

What do you think about AMDs upcoming Vega-based GPU’s performance shown? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: DSO Gaming, Videocardz | Main Image Credit:

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