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Blizzard invites Overwatch players to a special holiday event

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In November we talked about the possibility of Overwatch getting a Christmas-themed update as data miners uncovered a few jingles in sound files as well as hero quotes pointing at the festive season. We had Halloween and before that the Summer Games, so, of course, Blizzard would not skip Christmas.

We don't know much about the festive season update, only that at least King's Row will be covered in snow, and that the event kicks off on Tuesday, December 13th. The above image is from a Gif that you can check out on the official Overwatch Twitter channel.

"You're invited! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we hope you'll join us for some holiday cheer!" If you're game, then retweet to RSVP.

From the previous seasonal events, we can assume that there will again be sexy skins, perhaps a unique challenge like Halloween's Junkenstein's Revenge and Lúcioball. I hope we'll have something like socks stocked with presents to replace loot boxes, new victory poses, and all those cosmetics we all covet. Both Halloween and the Summer Games had 100 special loot boxes which players could unlock for a limited time. It's also a possibility that Blizzard will move the current PTR update to the full game. I hope so because there are some much-needed changes that would be great to have in the game during the holidays.

Check back on Tuesday as I plan to have a video of the snow covered King's Row up on the site as soon as possible.

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