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Assassin's Creed final movie trailer nails it

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20th Century Fox released the official trailer for the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie, and if it's anything to go by, then it's everything fans wanted, and what newcomers to the Assassin's Creed universe need to get hooked.

Starring the legendary Jeremy Irons as Alan Rikkin, head of Abstergo Industries, Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch, the assassin, and Marion Cotillard as Sophia Rikkin, the lead scientist and Callum's primary "handler. Video games to movie adaptations are usually disappointing, but I have to say, this looks very promising. In fact, it looks so good, it might even be better than some of the games.

The action looks authentic, the story seems to have at least the most crucial elements from the games; like a Templar conspiracy, the Animus, parkour, signature Assassin's Creed fighting, authentic costumes, weapons and lots more. Fassbender, once again, performed a lot of the stunts himself, and yes, he did play at least one of the games.Talking about the action, the "leap of faith" scenes was, of course, not performed by Fassbender, but a stunt double, who had to do a 120 feet (almost 37 meters) drop. According to the director, Justin Kurzel, the "leap of faith" and "building to building" jumps were the most tense and difficult parts of the movie as a lot of it was shot the "old school" way and not with a green screen.

Fassbender was first introduced to the Assassin's Creed universe by a "mutual friend" at Ubisoft, explains Fassbender in an interview with Cotillard and the director Justin Kurzel. "We were given the bible which contained all the characters, and other core elements of the games", continued Fassbender. The movie " embraces what we all love about the games, but takes it further," added Kurzel. An example of that is the Anubis which looks amazing in the movie and is definitively an improvement from the game.

The one thing gamers fear is that the movie will be so different from the games, that it doesn't resemble it at all. "The DNA of the game is definitely there," added Kurzel, "and the concepts of genetic memory and the war between Templars and assassins." From the interview, it seems that there are more Assassin's Creed movies planned with Rikkin as the lead.

Assassin's Creed release on December 21st in the United States, and in January 1st, 2017 in the UK..


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"embraces what we all love about the games, but takes it further"

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