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Let's discuss: Orena's Overwatch Champions Series Grand Finals

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On Wednesday evening, Orena's Overwatch Champion Series concluded with an unexpected line of heroes as the winners. I tuned in to watch some of the grand finals between Bums and E.D.E.N Energy, and as predicted - "Expect the Unexpected" was right on the money.

I didn't even expect Bums to be in the finals, let alone to take the overall win! Pre-match chatter in Orena's Twitch channel all but crowned E.D.E.N (Energy eSports) as the champions. The E.D.E.N team has been playing competitive Overwatch for some time now, most of them also competed in the Overwatch World Cup. They were clearly the favourites, so what went wrong?

Bums didn't have the group experience and they were also playing with three internationals (E.D.E.N had one), yet they beat the favourites 3-0. Even though E.D.E.N didn't take one map, they put up one hell of a fight and every match ended with close scores like 3-2. Before I hand over to Orena chief, Luca "Robohobo" Tucconi for his insight into the surprising finals, a shoutout to 'ole CongoKyle. Great Overwatch casting Mr. Wolmerans!

Why did Bums beat Energy?

"I feel they were forced into making uncharacteristic picks and played a different game style to what they were used to. They did this in my opinion to adapt to the high tier players they were facing in the likes of “Kryw”, “Quad” and “outc1der” in the opposing team.

The supports in Bums also played an immense role which allowed the prominent attackers from the international circuit to play a comfortable and quite aggressive game, something I don’t think the eN guys were expecting.

On this point, E.D.E.N ran (3-2-1) three tanks, two healers (Lucio/Ana) and one DPS, while Bums ran (2-2-2) two tanks, the same two healers, and two DPS. Clearly it's not always a given that the current meta is the best strategy.

"Bums have two heavy fraggers on their team in "quad" and "kryw" (Top 55 in EU) so they rather kept to the standard 2-2-2 as you need a lot of teamwork to sink up on the 3-2-1 setup which E.D.E.N have," explained Tucconi. "2-2-2 allows for solo skill based play."

Are you happy with Orena's 2016 OCS series?

"We're very happy to see the progress in the general skill cap of the local scene. We've also seen a substantial rise in viewership around our Overwatch specific events so we are definitely finish off the season feeling happy and excited for the future of this game locally."

You advertised OCS for PC and console, how did it go?

"Unfortunately, our PS4 event never took place as we struggled to meet the minimum of eight teams. We can definitely say that the competitive scene resides on PC as is seen on the international circuit as well."

Will Orena host Overwatch tournaments in 2017?

"Most definitely, if there are teams competing and the scene around the game keeps on growing then there is really no reason not to! On top of that, it's just an awesome game to play and watch."

Anything shoutouts?

"A huge thank you from myself and the team at Orena. We truly appreciate all the support from the players with the hard work they put in to improve over the two seasons and a huge shoutout to the supporters who really came in numbers for the final to support the local and international competitors.

An extra thank you must go to Steelseries, Megarom and Blizzard for supporting the first Overwatch Series on Orena!"

If you followed the #OCS, then we would love to hear your feedback on why Bums beat E.D.E.N.

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