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Let's discuss: The wild ride that is the Boston Majors

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It has begun! The Wang Theatre in Boston, USA is being swarmed with Dota 2 fans – the Boston Majors are in full swing and 16 teams are fighting it out for the chance to be Boston Major Champions! For this tournament, those in the top sixteen battle it out, winners advance to the Quarter Finals and loser get eliminated. There is no Lower Bracket, and therefore, higher stakes are on the Round of Sixteen, meaning, if you lose in the best of three then you’re out of the Boston Majors.

Below is a rundown of Day 1 of the Main Event - the first 4 games of the round of sixteen.

Virtus Pro vs Invictus Gaming.Vitality

First match up of the day saw Russian team Virtus Pro go up against Chinese team iG.Vitality. Virtus Pro have just won The Summit 6 and are looking extremely strong. There are seen as the strongest CIS team in the world and are a fan favourite to go on and win the Boston Majors. iG.Vitality have been doing well locally and now face off with the Russian team.

Game 1
Things were going well for VP early game. VP.RAMZES666 was playing a very aggressive Lifestealer in the safe lane. Things were going well until a fight by nearly 19 minutes in VP go for a smoke gang, VP.Lil (carrying VP.RAMZES666’s Lifestealer) blindly blinks up to iG.V’s creep camp above Roshan, this hits no one and allows iG.V.Q’s Treant Protector to get off his Overgrowth, Vp.9pasha’s Dark Seerer instantly reacts with a Vacuum into Wall, however by this time iG.V.Paparazi’s Luna gets Eclipse off and three VP heroes are instantly killed.

The chase continues for the remaining two VP heroes – iG.V split up and end up team wiping VP. This turned the game for iG.V and gave them hope. However this hope didn’t last long. After VP making pickoffs and have map awareness, VP pull off an amazing team fight and team wipe iG.V. VP go to take Rosh and push bot tier 3 tower and rax. With a score of 16-7, and VP pushing iG.V’s base, iG.V call “gg”.

Boston majors.jpg

Game 2
VP took early lead making plays while iG.V was focused on getting iG.V.Sakata’s Alchemist farmed. After some kills from both teams and Alchemist coming on line iG.V team wipe VP and go to push the mid tier two and tier three tower and rax mid. VP turn the push around and kill the Alchemist with a dead on arrow by[o]ne’s Mirana. VP then make a push of their own bot and take tier 3 tower, but once Alchemist is back alive iG.V push bot tier three tower and rax.

VP does not give up their rax easily and take casualties from iG.V. iG.V then go to try push into top rax three times, being successful the third push however, while getting mid range rax Alchemist and Luna die after Luna just bought back for that third top push. With this VP push lanes and steamroll into iG.V’s base and iG.V are forced to call “gg” with three core heroes dead at 57 minutes.

VP wins 2-0

VP really showed how strong they are this series, especially the second game. With them being pushed from all lanes they had to be patient and make the right moves. Use iG.V’s mistakes to their advantage and play the waiting game so that they could make the right initiation and win the game.

Evil Geniuses vs Wings Gaming

The hard hitting American team Evil Geniuses are up against the Chinese TI6 champions Wings Gaming. With new team caption for Evil Geniuses, Andreas “Cr1t-“ Nielsen - seems to be fitting into the EG mould. After winning TI6 Wings Gaming have a target on their heads from all other teams, with teams studying their drafts and play style.

Game 1
First blood was made by EG with an early smoke gang, killing WG.Shadow’s Juggernaut before the first rune spawned. From here this game carried on very fast paced, with kills happening around the map at almost every minute. Each team was trading kills so things looked even. EG tried to focus farm on EG.SumaiL ‘s Alchemist, which ended up slowing down the pace of the game. Wings tried to take control by taking EG’s tier 1 towers but Alchemist’s farm was just increasing by the second. EG had great vision all over the map making use of EG.Zai’s Treant Protector’s Eye of the Forest.

With this they even managed to take Roshan without Wings knowing and the game was sliding more and more into EG’s favour. EG.SumaiL ‘s Alchemist was just too much for Wings to handle. EG pushed top getting 4 kills and Wings called at 45 minutes “gg” with Alchemists farm 15k more than their Invoker or Juggernaut.

Game 2
EG started this game with a great early game. EG were getting kills on Wings; and EG. Arteezy’s Luna and EG.SumaiL Mirana were winning their lanes and getting farm. EG just seemed to have perfect control over the game and Wings didn’t know how to handle this. At 28 minutes EG go to push bot tier three tower and rax. In a desperate attempt  while EG are doing this Wings.Blink’s Lycan and Wings.Faith_Bian’s Slardar go to push top lane to see if they can do any damage on the towers and possibly rax. With a Rocket Flare from EG.Universe’s Clockwerk, EG were able to see that it was only two heroes top and went full force to push bot and Wings lost tower and both rax.

With a missed Hookshot from EG.Universe’s Clockwerk, Wings actually turn the fight around and take down four heroes from EG, making a swing in the XP graph almost even. At  43 minutes EG push top tier three tower and with a beautiful Hookshot from EG.Universe’s Clockwerk, he locks two Wings heroes in Cogs and EG take tower and rax. They push even further with EG. Arteezy’s Luna Glaives bouncing everywhere and push for throne and win game 2.

Boston majors dota 2.jpg

EG win 2-0

EG kick out the TI6 champions Wings Gaming. EG have shown that despite a bad performance in the Group Stages, its games like these that really count. EG are a strong team and want to be the first TI Champions to break the “TI curse” and win a Major as well.

compLexity Gaming vs WarriorsGaming

Unity American Team compLexity Gaming  go on to take on Malaysian team WarriorsGaming.Unity. compLexity Gaming have shown great performance in the group stages beating Evil Geniuses twice. WarriorsGaming.Unity took out Fnatic and Mineski in the SEA regionals to get an invite to the Majors. This is there first event outside of Asian and WarriorsGaming.Unity plan to give it their all.

Game 1
Things were looking in the way of compLexity Gaming. They were getting kills and doing alright in lanes. However around the 17 minute mark they had lost all advantage that they had with WarriorsGaming.Unity taking advantage of their draft. WarriorsGaming.Unity started gaming momentum and compLexity Gaming just couldn’t stop them. WarriorsGaming.Unity pushes top tier 2 tower and goes into tier 3 and rax. By this time WG.Unity. Ah Jit’s Luna and WG.Unity.NaNa’s Timbersaw had spiked in networth. It just didn’t seem like compLexity Gaming had unity with their heroes and WG.Unity. xNova-‘s Shadow Demon Disruption of WG.Unity. Ah Jit’s Luna, plus Lunas Manta Style allowed WarriorsGaming.Unity  to easily push mid and at 24 minutes compLexity Gaming call “gg”.


Game 2
In game 2 compLexity Gaming were out to get revenge and prove their worth. 9 minutes into the game and it seemed very even. Soon after that compLexity Gaming got pick offs and shut WG.Unity. Kan’s Legion Commander down. This game was looking good for compLexity Gaming, but with a few bad fight WarriorsGaming.Unity were able to even the playing field once more.

At 24 minutes WarriorsGaming.Unity push bottom tier three tower and get both rax, giving an influx of gold to WG.Unity. Ah Jit’s Luna putting him first on networth, taking coL.canceL’s Juggernauts spot for the first time this game. A few bad team fight from compLexity Gaming and WarriorsGaming.Unity push mid tier three, rax them, team wipe and go for thrown with compLexity Gaming calling “gg” at 31 minutes.

WG.Unity win 2-0

WarriorsGaming.Unity know how to draft and play against top tier teams. They are new to the international scene so teams haven’t had time to study how they tick. If they carry on like this they may go on to win the whole tournament. Never underestimate a new team.

OG vs MVP Phoenix

European team OG head off with Korean team MVP Phoenix in the last matches of the day. OG is a powerhouse of players, competing in their fourth Majors winning the Majors twice already. MVP Phoenix want to prove the worth of their new team.

Game 1
OG start the game off with an aggressive tri-lane in the safe lane bot. The game continues to go very even, with both teams getting kills and pushing lanes. Gold lead started to go in favour of OG but it wasn’t a huge difference. MVP Phoenix took an opportunity and quickly took Roshan while OG’s ultimate’s were down. OG.Ana’s Ember Spirit had the highest networth and with OG.N0tail’s Luna having Manta Style farm and gold were on the side of OG, after what seemed to be an extremely equal game, kill and xp wise.

OG were very patient and eventual all of MVP Phoenix’s lanes were being pushed in by BoT of Ember Spirit and Luna’s illusions. With all lanes pushing OG just went mid for the tier three tower and rax and after a kill on Weaver and Vengeful Spirit at 39 minutes, MVP Phoenix called “gg”.

Game 2
MVP.Febby’s Pudge gets first blood on OG.n0tail’s Terrorblade but then quickly loses his own life to Og.Jerax’s Earth Spirit after he TP’s to try save the Terrorblade. Networth and kills go in the favour of MVP Phoenix with them getting some great gang kills and at this point it looks like this might go onto a game three. MVP Phoenix are being aggressive, taking towers and coming out better in fights. All of this turns when OG gain momentum and get much needed kills. OG.Ana’s Invoker and OG.n0tail’s Terrorblade now have the highest networth.

At 25 minutes MVP Phoenix take opportunities and get some kills once again, almost evening out the score, however Terrorblade is a hero that can go late game and the longer they keep this up, the more likely TB will become a unstoppable force. One bad misplay bot by MVP Phoenix lets OG kill two and take bottom rax. In a stunning fight by OG in top river, OG kill four heroes and go to push mid rax, Terrorblade uses Metamorphosis and MVP Phoenix call “gg” at 31 minutes while OG is taking top rax.

OG win 2-0

OG knows the ropes of the Majors. They are an extremely strong team and are aggressive and patient at the same time. They are a force to be reckoned with and they want to win their third Major.

Images credit JoinDota /Gosugamers

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