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South Africa is getting local Battlefield 1 servers

Battlefield 1 SA servers.jpg

The news we've all been waiting for. South Africa will get Battlefield 1 servers.

In early 2017, official DICE online servers are coming to:

  • South Africa
  • Middle East
  • Hong Kong

"These are but the first steps in our ongoing effort to keep supporting Battlefield 1 and our community. Thank you very much for your feedback, we are listening," announced Alexander “Striterax” Hassoon, (Battlefield Live Producer) via the BF1 forum.

We don't know how it will work, if EA will use third-party hosts, all we care about is that it's coming. Let's give a big round of applause to our local Battlefield community as they have been the driving force behind this whole debacle. A shoutout to  JackFrags, and LevelCapGaming for their part in this victory.

In November LevelCapGaming said; "It seems kind of wrong on that level and I think EA needs to do a better job at dispersing the servers globally." The biggest "thank you" therefore goes to EA for accepting the challenge.

We'll keep on following the progress about the local Battlefield 1 servers, so stay tuned. Games of South Africa, this awaits, so go buy it now with the assurance that all will fare well on the Battlefield.

Source: Press release

The journey so far with Battlefield 1 local servers

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