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Another YouTube celeb supports South African servers for Battlefield 1

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LevelCapGaming, another famous YouTuber joined JackFrags in giving the South African Battlefield 1 community some much-needed support. In his video which gives excellent feedback about the new Battlefest update as well as rent-a-server, he talks about there being no local servers in certain regions.

If you've been following our Battlefield 1 local server coverage, then you know that JackFrags' shoutout did get a reaction from EA DICE. If you've missed it, then check out "There might be hope yet for South African Battlefield 1 servers."

LevelCapGaming is also a YouTube heavyweight with (at the time of writing) 1,652,802 subscribers and 416,792,841 views (since September 2011.) He focuses on "1080p HD FPS + tutorials for taking your game to the next level!"

You can jump to 7.38 if you only want to hear him talk about the no local server issue, but you shouldn't, listen to his whole video, as his perspective about Battlefest and rent-a-server is very good. Like Jack Frags, he specifically mentions South Africa; " ... that means there's a big part of the player base that's been neglected."

As he calls us, "the minority" and as he rightly points out; EA sells us the game, without  giving servers to ensure we can play it with a decent ping. He goes even further than JackFrags and pointedly says: "It seems kind of wrong on that level and I think EA needs to do a better job at dispersing the servers globally." It packs a punch when someone with his clout calls a spade a spade.

LevelCapGaming: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

In closing, we want to thank LevelCapGaming for this, it means the world, and I hope all the locals are now following him on all the things. Secondly, an even bigger thank you to the South African Battlefield community. From MWEB GameZone's side we ran into a massive brick wall regarding negotiating for local servers, and the community has taken up the cause and pursued it relentlessly. Both JackFrags and LevelCapGaming mention how you have been talking about it, and we salute you for the effort.

Whatever happens next, your efforts are not going unnoticed.

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"EA needs to do a better job at dispersing the servers globally"

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