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There might be hope yet for South African Battlefield 1 servers

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Yesterday, we posted a video by famous YouTuber and Battlefield veteran, JackFrags. In the video, he talks about the Battlefield 1 rent-a-server program, listing the current pros and cons. At 9.40 he says that Battlefield fans from Africa, South-east Asia and especially South Africa have approached him about said regions having no local servers.

Jack explains that he did follow up, and talks about how people from those regions play with a 200+ ping and that it's something that affects gameplay in multiplayer for everyone - those with the bad latency and players having to play against them with a good latency. He specifically mentions that South Africa seems to have a huge Battlefield fanbase, and he urges EA DICE to do something about the situation.

JackFrags is well known in the Battlefield community, and it looks like he might have some pull with EA DICE (or maybe his 1,984,681 subscribers do). The image below was posted by Ebinski in "Battlefield 1 rent-a-server issues continue post-launch," who saw it in the local Battlefield Facebook group where it was originally posted by Emile Aspinall.

BF1 SA servers.jpg

David Sirland is a Producer at DICE LA, so he should have some inside information. Now, before you all start buying Battlefield 1, or go wild on social media, let's take a step back.

Yes, it does sound like EA DICE might yet surprise us all. However, I doubt it means they will reverse their no third-party server policy. It could mean they've had a different plan all along, one we don't know about. It could explain why Africa is listed in the server browser. Maybe they plan to roll out Azure servers, we can speculate all we want, but until their is an official announcement from EA DICE, it's all just wild guessing.

And hoping, we can all hope.

Again, we want to extend our thanks to JackFrags, even if nothing further happens, you have our sincere thanks. Here's the video again.

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