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#StayinAlive at the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Launch Party

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Article written by  Derrick Kaylor, MWEB Product Manager: New Revenue Streams

Zombies and 80's heroes swarmed to the MCave on Friday, 4 November 2016, for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare South Africa event, and I think those who attended would agree that Megarom Interactive presented one of the best launch parties we've ever experienced.

As I mentioned, the theme was Zombies versus 80s heroes as in the “Zombies In Spaceland” survival game mode from Infinite Warfare. Almost everyone came dressed up. I personally did not have much dressing up to do as my family thinks I already have a retro fashion look. No, that was not a complement. Each participant had to select either the Zombie or 80s Hero side. Face painting was available for those Zombies who wanted that flesh rotting look.


The event started at 6:30pm with ACGL’s Nick Holden and Megarom’s Jason Borea opened the evening. There was plenty of food and drinks to feed the hungry horde. No brains on the menu though – sorry Zombies. Monster Energy also offered special edition Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare branded Monster Energy drinks. Each can came with a double XP code. Everyone needs double XP … EVERYONE!

A few words from Holden: "We had an absolute blast at the #StayinAliveZA Launch event, hosted at the MWEB GameZone offices. A big thanks to Megarom Interactive, MWEB GameZone, Monster Energy Drink and Raru for the all their support for our local gaming community. We at ACGL can only hope to provide more great gaming gatherings to our lively community in the not too distant future."

Activities for the evening included:

  • Eight-player free-for-all games
  • Infinite Warfare campaign
  • Four-player Zombies in Space rounds
  • One-vs.-One matches

We had a total of 18 PlayStation 4 consoles with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare locked and loaded! Megarom Interactive even had a photo booth that doubled as a dance floor at one point .... Sorry, no photos, what happened on the dance floor stays on the dance floor (maybe you can get a peak of the disco moves in the video at the bottom of the article). What we can share are some of the Zombies and 80's hero photos. You guys and girls rocked.

launch party.jpg

The proverbial “Golden Ticket” winners each got a t-shirt and lanyard. And as always, Raru was there to support the event with vouchers for just taking part in an activity or participating in one of the many Twitter competitions. Monster Energy also gave away five cases of Monster Energy drinks to the lucky Twitter competition winners. Megarom Interaction sponsored the grand prize of a PlayStation 4 Console with the Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, plus some Call of Duty swag.

Everyone had an opportunity to play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and sharing the excitement of playing the game on launch day. #StayinAliveZA was the theme of the evening from staying alive in the game, to the eighties party vibe and b-grade movie zombies. Everybody had a “bloody” awesome time.

We would like to thank Megarom Interactive, ACGL, Raru and Monster Energy for a great and memorable evening. I am certainly looking forward to doing it again in the near future. In closing, a few words from the Megarom team (you might not know this, but they are responsible for making sure some of the world's top game releases make it to South Africa).

Megarom: Twitter | Website | Facebook

“A big thank you to MWEB, ACGL, sponsors and fans who attended the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launch event. We received tremendous support from all the fans in Cape Town and their enthusiastic participation made for even more reason to celebrate. It was truly memorable and spoke volumes of the appetite for gaming - we will certainly be visiting again sooner than later.

Thank you Cape Town.," said Jason Borea, Marketing Director at Megarom Interactive

Video by 80's rock ' roll hero, Grant Hinds.

MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

"Everybody had a “bloody” awesome time"

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