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What SA gamers had to say about Battlefield 1 at the launch party

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On Friday, 21 October South African gamers gathered at the MCave for some fun, lots of laughter and, of course, a chance to play Battlefield 1. We've already talked about the event in "What you missed from the Battlefield 1 Cape Town launch party," so today we want to show you our video of the event, and some thoughts from a few clowns gamers about why they were excited to play the game.

Call of Duty fanboys, Tiano and Rocky, wanted to experience the good 'ole times of fighting in a historic shooter. They echo what we've heard from so many gamers. "The market is saturated with modern warfare," says MWEB GameZone's previous server master, Choc-Salties. Dieter Fouche aka bliksem_182, (self proclaimed leader of men, slaughterer of many), and Kevin Cloete (a Lazygamer minion) also wanted to experience that "all out war" feeling we so associate with the Battlefield franchise.

You can skip the Zombie-Dredd and Holden 'interview' and make a stop at exactly 7.34 minutes. It's possibly the coolest moment in the whole video. ICYMI check his beard....

So, Folken_zal and the bearded wonder were both expecting something cool from Battlefield1's single-player campaign (which did turn out to be pretty amazing). Slingshot just wanted to see a man about a horse, while the lovely Mhercie wanted to get her next battlefield fix and that "old school vibe."

Thanks to Faheem "Abz" Abrahams from BTTL Studios for the video. Thanks to the participants for the LOLs.

See you at the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launch party where the Zombie horde will face off against the 80's heroes. One lucky person will walk away with a PlayStation 4 and Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition. Entries closes on Thursday so better head on over to the event page if you want to join the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare #StayinAliveZA Launch Party.

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