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What SA gamers will pay for November's top game releases

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South African gamers will have to fork out a scary amount of cash if they want to play the top four November 2016 games. These include, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2, and Final Fantasy XV (console exclusive). I've included all the editions, but below you can find a summary of the total amount you'll pay for all the games' standard editions.

Please remember that prices are reflected as at the time of writing, and we've included the top three best prices for South African customers. Digital is always included first. Stores used: PlayStation South Africa, Xbox South Africa, Steam, Raru, BT Games, and


  • PS4 Digital Standard Editions: R3996
  • Xbox One Digital Standard Editions: R3896
  • PC Digital Standard Editions: R2597
  • PS4 Physical Standard Editions: R3702
  • Xbox One Physical Standard Editions: R3702
  • PC Physical Standard Editions for Infinite Warfare & Dishonored 2: R1539
  • PC only has the WD2 San Francisco Edition physical disc: R1499

For more details about the games, as well as the rest of November 2016's upcoming DLC and titles. see "November 2016 Game Releases: The OMG Edition."

Before we look at the price, here's something to brighten your day! You can win a PlayStation 4 console, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PlayStation 4 Legacy Edition, and other cool merchandise at the Infinite Warfare #StayinAliveZA Launch Party in Cape Town.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Standard Edition

  • PS4: PSN R1199 / Loot R1049 / BT Games R1065
  • Xbox One: Xbox Store R1199 / Loot R1049 / BT Games R1065
  • PC: Steam R999 / Loot R849 / Raru R862

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Legacy Edition

Includes Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.

  • PS4: PSN R1549 / Loot R1399 / BT Games R1410
  • Xbox One: Xbox Store R1549 / Loot R1399 / BT Games R1410
  • PC: Steam R1299 / Loot R1199 / Raru R1207

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: Digital Deluxe Edition

Includes Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare Remastered and the Season Pass

  • PS4: PSN R1899
  • Xbox One: Xbox Store R1899
  • PC: Steam R1499

Dishonored 2

(For a limited time, pre-order Dishonored 2 and get the Imperial Assassin's Pack and a free copy of Dishonored Definitive Edition.)

  • PS4: PSN R899 / Loot R859 / Raru R869
  • Xbox One: Xbox Store R799 / Loot R859 / Raru R869
  • PC: Steam R799 / Raru R690 / Loot R699

Dishonored 2- Collector's Edition

(Includes Dishonored 2, Corvo's Mask Replica and Stand, Emily's Ring Replica and Display Box, Full Color Propaganda Poster Print, Collectible 'Legacy' Metal Case, Digital Imperial Assassin's Pack, and Dishonored: Definitive Edition.)

  • PS4: Raru R1399 / CNA R1399
  • Xbox One: Raru R1399 / CNA R1399
  • PC: Raru Sold Out 

Watch Dogs 2 - Deluxe Edition

(See store details for edition features).

  • PS4: PSN R999 / BT Games R899 / Raru R899 / Loot R899
  • Xbox One: Xbox Store R999 / BT Games R899 / Raru R899 / Loot R899
  • PC: Steam R799

Watch Dogs 2 - Gold Edition

(Includes Watch Dogs 2, season pass and 2 personalisation packs. See store for pre-order bonus). 

  • PS4: PSN R1348 / Loot R1319 / Raru R1379
  • Xbox One: Xbox Store R1349 / Loot R1319 / Raru R1379
  • PC: Steam R1199

Watch Dogs 2 - San Francisco Edition

(Includes Watch Dogs 2, Marcus high-end figurine, double-sided map of San Francisco featuring in-game hot spots, 3 lithographies of San Francisco, Marcus and DedSec, SF-themed laptop stickers, and a bundle of extra digital content).

  • PS4: Loot R1699 / Raru R1699
  • Xbox One: Loot R1699 / Raru R1699
  • PC: Loot R1499 / Raru R1499

Final Fantasy XV - Standard Edition

  • PS4: PSN R899 / BT Games R895 / Loot R899
  • Xbox One: Xbox Store R899 / BT Games R895 / Loot R899

Final Fantasy XV - Digital Premium Edition

(Includes FFXV, specific digital content, and season pass).

  • PS4: PSN R1249
  • Xbox One: Xbox Store R1266

Final Fantasy XV - Deluxe Edition

(Includes FFXV, Exclusive Steelbook design, Kingsglaive: FINAL FANTASY XV Blu-ray disc, and Bonus Downloadable Content).

  • PS4: Loot R1299 / Raru R1325
  • Xbox One: Loot R1299 / Raru R1325

Cover image credit: Watch Dogs 2 official

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