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Battlefield 1 rent-a-server: Additional features announced while top questions remain unanswered

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Dismay over Battlefield 1's rent-a-server program continues. The program is supposed to kick off tomorrow, and we still have more questions than answers. Over the weekend Battlefield North American Community Manager, Jeff Braddock updated the official forum post with additional features, but the now 34-page long questions (and 42.2K views) still have no answers, with the official "Top question master list" also sticking to questions with no answers.

Update: Battlefield 1 RSP launches in November and not on November 1st as previously stated. My apologies for the confusion. See "Battlefield 1 rent-a-server: Everything you need to know" for all the latest updates.

Battlefield 1: Rent-a-server additional features

Battlefield 1 server admins will be able to control the following settings:

  • Kill Cam
  • Minimap
  • Friendly Fire
  • 3D Spotting
  • Fog

  • ticket count
  • bullet damage
  • modes
  • weapons
  • maps

ICYMI: Battlefield 1: Rent-a-server pricing


  • 1 day: $2.99
  • 7 days: $11.99
  • 30 days: $42.99
  • 90 days: $99.99
  • 180 days: $149.99

PS4 & Xbox One

  • 1 day: $1.99
  • 7 days: $7.99
  • 30 days: $26.99
  • 90 days: $64.99
  • 180 days: $99.99

The above information is everything we know about Battlefield 1 rent-a-server. Considering the massive amount of questions still unanswered, and the price of renting servers, then EA is asking for much while giving little in return. If you browse through the Battlefield 1 forum topics, you'll notice that South African and South East Asia Battlefield 1 fans have opened topics asking about servers in their respective regions - with not a single reply from EA or DICE. The most obvious question, and one you would think easy to answer: Why is Africa listed as a region option in the first place?

You can show your support by commenting on the thread here.

A lot of the outstanding questions include basic admin rights settings that are crucial to know before you make use of the program. Things like kicking and banning, renting of private password servers, ping limits and region lock, and lots more. EA's continued silence doesn't mean the rent-a-server program will be a failure, or a bad service - but it does raise concern.

Battlefield 1 is an extraordinary game, and many South African players report that they can enjoy multiplayer even with a high latency. However, one has to ask if the change in server policy benefits EA more than what it does their fans. Where things stand currently I am leaning more towards it bringing more cash to EA's coffers than it being better for the customer. EA's promise to "Give everyone the same uniform experience” and "securing the quality of server hardware" are being drowned by the many unanswered fan concerns.

The bottom line is - when you're paying this much for something, you shouldn't have to make changes to how you play to enjoy a service. It shouldn't be just okay to play, or manageable - it should run at least at the same service level as when third parties hosted servers. Remember, EA promised Battlefield servers  would run better now that they're in control.

Initially, EA announced that they're stopping all third party server hosting because they will deliver a better service to customers by hosting it themselves. EA's communication, however, rather shows that they've perhaps bitten of more than they can chew.  On November 1st rent-a-server opens to the public; yet we don't know exactly what it is we'll purchase if we make use of the option.

If everything goes as planned, then we'll try out rent-a-server, so keep an eye on GameZone for our review of the feature later this week.

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"we don't know exactly what it is we'll purchase"

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