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Bravado knocked out of the Electronic Sports World Cup

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Bravado Gaming’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) squad arrived in Paris on Monday to compete in the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) at the Paris Games Week expo. Even though the team from South Africa had a shaky start against French side Team LDLC, they managed to pull keep themselves alive with a win against Indian side Overcome.

Today at 14:30pm, Bravado played the all-important deciding match against Team LDLC to see who advances into the top 16 of the ESWC. The stakes couldn’t be any higher for the team from South Africa. Unfortunately, Bravado could not best the French side, but did put up one spectacular fight. Here is how it all went down.

Please note: Due to slow internet and therefore a low stream quality, no images of the games are provided. However, I will update this article as soon as a video of the match become available.

Game One

The first game kicked off on Train with Bravado starting on the Terrorist side. LDLC took the important pistol round with to1nou racking up four kills. The game was quickly paused afterwards due to some technical difficulties. A blunder by an LDLC player in the second round gave Bravado an opening and they took maximum advantage, evening up the score 1-1.

Unfortunately, another pause interrupted the action. Bravado extended their lead to 3-1 with two solid rounds, but LDLC finally got a full buy round which allowed them to pull a round back making the score 3-2 in favor of Bravado. With LDLC taking another round, Bravado was at an economic disadvantage, which meant they had to play with pistols and save up.

Bravado’s Detrony pulled off an amazing three consecutive kills in the eight round to tie the match score 4-4. The most impressive round yet came from Bravado with pistols and a shotgun on Sonic, breaking LDLC’s full kits with some amazing plays, making the score 5-5.

With an excellent economy, Bravado was firmly in the driver’s seat, extending their lead to 7-5 before LDLC’s next buy which the French side used to take three solid rounds back from Bravado, ending the first half of the game 8-7 in favor of the LDLC.

The second half started much better for Bravado, taking the pistol round with four players still alive. LDLC made a huge economic mistake by force-buying in the second round and Bravado destroyed the French side taking two easy rounds making the match score 10-9 in favor of Bravado.  

Bravado put up a solid defense as CTs and further extended their lead to 13-9, showing a lot of composure in their plays; at which point LDLC called for a quick tactical pause. The aforementioned pause worked out for LDLC, as they took a round back. However, Sonic saved his AWP. LDLC manage to plant the bomb in the 24th round, but Bravado’s ELUSIVE took out the last two players and defused the bomb in time.

Bravado pushed their advantage and continued to crush the French side in the last two rounds, winning the first game in spectacular fashion!        

Game Two

The second map of the series was Dust 2 with Bravado starting on the CT side. The pistol round went Bravado’s way even after LDLC manage to plant the bomb. The team from South Africa quickly extended their lead to 2-0 with another solid defense.

The third round was LDLC’s time to buy, but the French side could not pull of a win, making the score 4-0 in the favor of Bravado and in a strong economic position to boot. Sonic finished off the 6th round with a brilliant four kills without losing a single point of health, propelling the score to 6-0. LDLC finally got on the board in the 7th round and gained a much-needed cash infusion to put up a fight.

Unfortunately for Bravado their economy was less than desirable with LDLC taking two consecutive rounds. A masterful defensive round by Bravado, losing only one player, brought the economic game back into Bravado’s favor and with another brilliant defense in the next round, the score was 8-4 for Bravado. LDCL fought tooth and nail before the end of the first half, clawing back two rounds. The final round of the first half saw Bravado one second to late on the defuse, which meant the score came to a close 8-7.

The second half started out with a decent pistol round for LDLC evening up the score and continuing to put pressure on Bravado. The French side pushed their advantage to 10-8 before Bravado pulled a round back and gained some much-needed economy.

After LDLC took the next round, Bravado called for a tactical pause. Unfortunately for Bravado, the tactical pause didn’t quite work out as the lost the next round; but Detrony did manage to save his AWP, which turned out to be of the utmost importance as they took the next round to make the score 12-10 in favor of LDLC. With economic troubles for the LDLC side, Bravado pushed their advantage to take the next two rounds, evening the score up 12-12. In a frantic 25th round, LDLC took a round back from Bravado. With the advantage in hand, LDLC took the next four intense rounds to close off the second map with a 16-10 win.

Game Three

The French side started as Terrorists on Cache and won the pistol round and quickly extended their lead to 2-0; at which point a technical pause was called. LDLC continued to push their advantage to 3-0 before Bravado had the economy to buy some rifles.

ELUSIVE had a brilliant clutch play in the fourth round to get Bravado on the board. The team from South African gained some much-needed momentum and took three consecutive rounds to tie up the score 3-3. Bravado dropped two more rounds against their opposition partly due to a low economy before buying some rifles and pulling back the score to 5-4.

With a hyper-aggressive play on the B Bombsite, LDLC again shut Bravado down in the 10th round and continued to push their advantage 8-4 before Bravado could buy some rifles again. Rifles in hand, Bravado pulled back a round with three important kills. After a couple of crazy rounds, the first half ended at 9-6 in the favor of LDLC.

The second half started out with a bang for Bravado as they manage to plant the bomb. Even though all their players where dead at the end, the bomb exploded giving Bravado a round win. Bravado capitalized on their economic advantage and brought the score back to 9-8 before LDLC pulled one back to make it 10-8 in the favor of the French side.

LDLC took two more rounds before Bravado called for a tactical pause to discuss their options going into the last rounds of the decisive final map. After the pause, Bravado had to play another round with pistols before they could do a full buy. Even with their guns, Bravado didn’t manage to take the round which meant they where on the brink of elimination with a score of 14-8 in favor of LDLC.

An intense final two rounds saw Bravado fight as hard as they possible could but in the end they couldn’t get another win. LDLC won the map 16-8 and thereby eliminated Bravado from the ESWC.

Although Bravado didn’t make it out of the group stages, they did put up an amazing fight and showed the international teams that they are a force to be reckoned with.

The Bravado Squad

Show Bravado Gaming your support by visiting their website, liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter. Further, Orena’s Luca ‘Robohobo’ Tucconi, Barry "Anthrax" Louzada and Bravado’s CEO Andreas ‘Cent’ Hadjipaschali with the squad in Paris, so show them your support as well.

Unfortunately, there are no videos of the match available at the time of writing. In the meantime, you can watch a report of day one by Orena below and tell us what you think about Bravado’s performance at the ESWC.

Main Image Credit: Bravado Facebook

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