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Introducing the new ADSL and FTTH for gamers page

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Article written by  Derrick Kaylor, MWEBProduct Manager: New Revenue Streams

All gamers understand that internet connectivity is extremely vital for online downloads and multiplayer experiences. MWEB GameZone understands this more than most; and is the reason we prioritise gaming on our network, host game servers and have gaming articles related to internet connectivity.

You may or may not have noticed that we have now revamped our “ADSL for Gamers” page, and we also added an “FTTH for Gamers” (fibre-to-the-home) page. Previously, the “FTTH for Gamers” redirected to our fibre products page. These pages have not moved and can still be found on the “Connect” menu.

(Both pages can be found on the MWEB GameZone front page under the CONNECT section.)

Why the revamp?

We made changes to these pages for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we now only have gaming and internet related articles on the “ADSL/FTTH for Gamers” pages. Newer content will still appear on the MWEB GameZone front page, but will display much longer on the ADSL/FTTH pages.You'll notice that most of the same content displays on both pages - with the addition of fibre-to-the-home focused articles on the FTTH page. By seperating these two pages from the rest of the content displayed on MWEB GameZone, we also made it easier for gamers to find important information regarding online gaming.

We are planning to have more internet tips and tricks articles on the two pages. We also want to introduce new products that speak to online gaming directly.

Gamers have specific needs, and we want to offer products that will address those needs. Look out for more in this in the near future. If you have anything specific you would like us to write about that relates to the aforementioned subjects, then please drop us a comment. Please note; the revamp is not for MWEB customers only. Yes, we will speak about MWEB products where it is applicable, but we also want to address these articles to all gamers that are mainly located in South Africa.

We don't want to clutter the MWEB GameZone front page with only internet - gaming related articles -  we have the revamped ADSL and FTTH pages for this very reason. We want to make sure that gaming news remains at the forefront of MWEB GameZone, but also want to highlight connectivity for gamers.

As Fibre is now available in South Africa, it brings us closer to what they rest of the world has had for some years now. Fibre unlocks a world of faster downloads, ability to stream your gameplay, game sharing, and many other awesome features. We planned a series of Fibre for gamers article and already kicked off the series with “Fibre to the Home: Introduction for South African Internet Users.” More to come soon!

We have and will continue to provide connectivity articles that will hopefully enhance your gaming experience. At MWEB GameZone our focus has always been to improve the experience for gaming in South Africa in any way we can. The revamped pages, prioritised gaming, and game servers are a few steps towards achieving this goal.  

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"Gamers have specific needs, and we want to offer products that will address those needs"

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