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About Battlefield 1 servers for South Africa

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There will be no Battlefield 1 servers in South Africa. But you can rent-a-server from EA. In fact, no third-party company will host any Battlefield 1 servers.

MWEB has been hosting Battlefield servers for many years, and sadly, we'll not be hosting servers for Battlefield 1. We saw with Star Wars: Battlefront that EA moved in the direction of hosting their own servers. Things will work a bit different with Battlefield 1 as players will be able to rent servers from EA for private and public games.

According to an explanation on Battlefield 1, EA believes that they'll accomplish the following by not using third-party hosts:

  • Secure the quality of the actual hardware.
  • Reach out to EA Support directly instead of third party support.
  • Customize various game play settings
  • Give everyone the same uniform experience.

If I understand correctly, the no third-party policy applies to PC as well as console. It is also safe to assume that EA will follow the same route for all upcoming EA games.

We'll talk about what each of the above points mean for South Africans in a follow-up article. See here if you want to read more about the procedures we follow when it comes to renting servers for PC gaming.

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