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Resident Evil 7 VR will be a PlayStation VR timed exclusive

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As if Resident Evil 7 Biohazard doesn't look scary enough! I don't understand why anyone would want to play it in virtual reality. No, I am not joking. The side effects of VR hasn't even been properly tested yet. Good then that Resident Evil 7 will be a PlayStation VR exclusive for 12 months. VR Focus announced the news which was shown in a VR ad on Facebook and then posted to Reddit.

Let's not forget that unlike previous Resident Evil games, biohazard will be in first-person and not third person. That horror is going to in your face man, literally. We've not experienced anything even remotely like it in the history of gaming. The way I know gamers, that's exactly the reason why they'll want to play it.

In April this year, I wrote a very unpopular piece, titled "Should VR games and applications have an extra layer of regulation?" It was based on research that warned about possible side effect of VR games - let alone horror VR games.

“All the side effects of consuming media become amplified when it comes to VR,” (referring to problems like children getting addicted to playing computer games or being traumatised by content of a violent or other nature). It also changes people’s perception and behaviour in the real world.” More people are starting to voice their concerns over the possible side effects of VR.

Dr David Allamby, a leading eye surgeon and director at London's Focus clinic, told Mirror UK that "With VR, we're going to potentially see more and more people suffering from a lack of exposure to daylight - something which affects the way our eyes naturally grow and which can lead to short-sightedness, or 'myopia'. VR could have serious emotional and physical side effects,  Allamby continues, "And because VR prevents our eyes from naturally focusing at a far distance, this too can speed-up the progression of myopia."

Not that any warnings will stop people from playing VR games, but at least, make an informed decision. We tested the Oculus Rift and can confirm that for some of us the side effects included nausea and dizziness.

Evil 7 biohazard will release on January 24, 2017 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro VR.

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"All the side effects of consuming media become amplified when it comes to VR"

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