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Predator MGMS Grand Finals Team Profile: Energy eSports

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In part three of our eight-part series, where we will be highlighting the Predator MGMS Grand Finals participants (four in Black Ops3 and four in CS:GO), we check-in with Energy eSport's Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 team. 

The Energy eSports squad started off the Black Ops 3 season in a confident manner when they won the Predator MGMS First Recon tournament, beating Astra Infinite in the finals. 

The squad has since had their fair share of roster problems as was evident in the first Predator MGMS qualifier. The team brought in a last-minute replacement, which failed to work to their advantage. They clearly did not perform well as a cohesive unit, getting knocked down into the losers bracket where they failed to make it into a top three placement. 

Led by their team captain, Ismail 'Jakes' Jacobs, the squad made a resurgence in the second Predator MGMS qualifier. Energy eSports managed to bulldoze their way into the winner's bracket final, not losing a single map. They did, however, fail not once but twice to beat ViNCO Gaming, which resulted in Energy eSports collecting the last invite and the fourth place seed for the Predator MGMS Grand Finals (first and second October). 

The Energy eSports squad, unfortunately, had to swap out one of their most recent acquisitions (who replaced Ismail 'Jakes' Jacobs) leading into the Grand Finals, as Chris "Strikes" Schultz is unable to make it to the event. That said, the team has managed to pull in their old captain, Ismail 'Jakez" Jacobs to bring some experience back into the team.

Connor "Vadex" Maguire 

  • Team Status: Team Member
  • Role: Anchor / Assault Rifle 
  • Start of competitive career: Beginning of Advanced Warfare (2015)
  • Highlight of career: Joining Astra in Advanced Warfare and being able to join my first LAN in CPT - where we ended up winning the tournament
  • eSports aspirations: To stay as a top ranking team in South Africa and remain as one of the best players.

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Robert "Kohvz" Levkov 

  • Team Status: Team member
  • Role: Support / Small machine gun
  • Start of competitive career: I introduced myself to the competitive scene in 2013 at the end of Black Ops 2 and started playing consistently at the beginning of Cod Ghosts 2014
  • Highlight of career: The highlight of my career was starting a team with some of my best friends and being able to compete for the top 3 positions in and throughout the 2014 season and carrying on that passion and dedication throughout the years to be able to win my first LAN event at EGE 2016
  • eSports asperations: To maintain the number one position amongst the teams while still enjoying myself and playing for the reason I started: to have fun and be a tutor in the development of "younger" and more inexperienced players in the community.

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Ismail 'Jakez" Jacobs

  • Team Status: Team Captain
  • Role: Team Glue (I hold it all together) 
  • Start of competitive career: Started on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD4) 
  • Highlight of career: During my career, there have been many highlights but the one that stands out is winning the first console COD tournament at rage during the Call of Duty: Ghost season. That resulted in my team being picked up by one of the best Multi-Game Organizations in the country - Energy eSports.
  • eSports aspirations: My aspirations have always been the same, to win all tournaments that I compete in. This season the Predator MGMS and MAG Cup remain, both which I believe my team can win.

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Kyle 'Frosty' Nortjie

  • Team Status:  Team member
  • Role: Slayer
  • Start of competitive career: End of Black Ops 2 (11 years old) 
  • Highlight of career: Winning DGC 2014
  • eSports aspirations: To become the most successful console player in South Africa

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Watch Energy eSports in the Predator MGMS Q2 Finals against ViNCO Gaming below

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