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Predator MGMS Grand Finals Team Profile: Astra Infinite


In part two of our eight-part series, that will be highlighting the Predator MGMS grand finals participants (four in Black Ops 3 and four in CS:GO), we check-in with Astra Infinite's Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 team.  

The Astra Infinite team came into the competitive year as the favorites to take the title, after doing exactly that the year before. They team managed to start off their season off on a positive note when they beat Hi5 eSports team in the grand finals of the first Predator MGMS qualifiers. Despite a great start to the season, securing the number one seed in the Predator MGMS Grand Finals, the team has faced their fair share of problems after the first qualifier. 

Astra Infinite found themselves with their worst performance in the past year and a half at EGE 2016. The team had undergone some roster changes, losing two of their key members in quick succession before the event. The once top team in South Africa - Astra Infinite went into the tournament with a new squad and failed to place within the top four.  

The result of the poor performance caused the squad to reevaluate their options and consolidate their squad for the Predator MGMS Grand Finals:  

Renato "Fearless" Da Silva

  • Team Status: Team Member  
  • Role: Main Objective player.                            
  • Start of competitive career:  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in 2011. 
  • Highlight of career: Joining Team Astra as it is a highly-ranked team in the SA community. 
  • eSports aspirations: Looking to end off the Black Ops 3 season with momentum by coming out with the win for MGMS and the ACGL #MAGCUP.       

Follow Renato "Fearless" Da Silva 

Dillon "Lithium" Charalambous     

  • Team Status: Team member
  • Role: Objective/Support player                     
  • Start of competitive career: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 in 2013.
  • Highlight of career: Winning MGMS in 2015 because I outplayed everyone and won the MVP award. 
  • eSports aspirations: To win MGMS 2016 and the ACGL #MAGCUP 

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Alton 'Inferno' Coetzee 

  • Team Status: Team Captain and in-game leader 
  • Role: Slayer/Anchor                     
  • Start of competitive career: Call of Duty Ghosts in 2014 
  • Highlight of career: Winning every major event last year 
  • eSports aspirations: To win MGMS and DGC for Astra Infinite 

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Hameed 'Viper' Moosa 

  • Team Status: Team member 
  • Role: Slayer/Support player                   
  • Start of competitive career: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 in 2013 
  • Highlight of career: Getting a 1v3 clutch in map 5, round 11, vs Energy F34R at the EGE semi-finals in AW (2015). 
  • eSports aspirations: To win MGMS and the ACGL #MAGCUP. Also to continue a winning streak leading into Infinite Warfare. 

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Who do you think will win the Predator MGMS first qualifier? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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