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Overwatch World Cup Team Introduction: Senticall and sZZ reporting for duty

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Last week we had a very interesting chat with Marthinus "CarNage" Strydom, the captain of the team from South Africa that will compete in the Overwatch World Cup. As per recommendation by CarNage, we're talking to the team's tank and support heroes next: Senticall and sZZ.

Two things make these two players very interesting; sZZ was picked by CarNage to be part of the team (so not by your vote), and Senticall received only 1% fewer votes (43%) than CarNage (44%). Szz also has an Overwatch blog where he shares valuable tips and feedback and Senticall has almost clocked 100 hours on Zarya!

Ruan "Senticall" Potgieter

  • Full name: Ruan Potgieter
  • Age: 20
  • Overwatch nickname: Senticall
  • Top 3 heroes to play: Zarya, Genji, D.Va
  • Top hero to play: Zarya (Tank)
  • Highest Rank Achieved: 81
  • Overwatch eSports experience: Orena’s Champions Ladder
  • Overwatch eSports Team: E.D.E.N winners of Orena S1/ Now part of Energy eSports
  • Master Overwatch File / Blizzard Career Overview

Sean "sZZ" McCalgan

  • Full name: Sean McCalgan
  • Age: 29
  • Overwatch nickname: sZZ
  • Top 3 heroes to play: Zarya, Zenyatta, D.Va
  • Top hero to play: Zarya (Tank)
  • Highest Rank Achieved: 76
  • Overwatch eSports experience: Orena’s Champions Ladder played one match only for DC
  • Overwatch eSports Team: SSG
  • Twitter: Sean (scopeZ)
  • Master Overwatch File / Blizzard Career Overview

What's your strongest class?  

sZZ: "I would have to split it between Zarya and Zenyatta. I used to primarily play Zarya, but my high ping prevented me from tracking well with her beam (I've since migrated from wireless onto fibre, so that could change some day). However I like that Zenyatta can play a dual role of utility and damage, and it allows me to help with calls as I sit back behind the team.

Senticall: "Tanks are my strongest and most comfortable."

What are your expectations for the world cup?

sZZ: "We aren't in any kind of 'group of death' but Germany and CIS are very good teams, and we need to beat at least one of them to stand a chance of going through. It's difficult to say at this stage given that we are still in early practice days, but I would be really happy with a second place finish in groups." 

Senticall: "Honestly I don't like being overconfident going into these things but I am surprised how well were doing as a team, I'm at least hoping we make it into Top 12, all just depends on how the brackets go."

Overwatch World Cup.png

How are you preparing for the world cup?

sZZ: "As a team, we have various practice days scheduled for going over our weak points and just getting in a fair amount of scrim time - the team is full of really great players, we just need to play actual games to find our rhythm."

Senticall: "Scrims, scrims and more scrims. You can't really learn anything from playing strangers in Quick Play in a competitive environment, we use the Overwatch discord to arrange scrims with other international teams, at least 2-3 hours every night."

Were you surprised when you were selected by the fans?

Senticall: "No."

Question to CarNage - Why did you pick sZZ?

"I picked him because out of all the eligible players I could pick, he's by far, in my opinion at least - the best support. There's two aspects that make a support good. 

1) Survivability - the ability to stay alive so you can heal (pretty difficult as support)
2) Game sense - Things like, know when to ultimate

Sean excels in both."

5 tips for playing your top class - sZZ as Zenyatta

  1. You need to value your own life very highly. There is so much to offer your team through damage, healing and discording the opposition that you need to learn how to stay alive.
  2. Zenyatta is not very mobile. You either need to sit quite far out of the action or team up with a DPS buddy at most times.
  3. Make use of right click. Sometimes players can be surprised by a fully charged right click as you come around the corner, or they come around a corner into you.
  4. Learn to communicate with your other support with regards to ultimate timing. If you stack support ultimates such as Lucio's and Zenyatta's you are wasting a lot of potential.
  5. Always remember to equip the "I dreamt I was a butterfly voice line" and spam it around enemies so that they think you are aloof.

5 tips for playing your top class - Senticall as a tank

  1. Play your hero to its strength - If you're a Winston cause disruption on the backline and abuse your mobility. IIf you're a Zarya abuse your absurd damage and save your shields for clutch moments.
  2. Watch your positioning - A tank is much stronger if you have one or two allies with you, so try a and work with your team and attack as a unit. If you see a few of them die or get picked off, don't be afraid to back away.
  3. Zarya ult - Zarya ult is one of the strongest if not the strongest ult in the game, so don't be afraid to use her ult even if they have defensive ult's available. Any damage your teammates get off in that period charges up their ulti's and with concentrated DPS you will probably kill them through Zenyata or Lúcio ult anyways.
  4. Winston pro tip - His jump resets when he activates ult and when his ult goes on cooldown again, try and keep to mid fight for quick engages and disengages, so you can jump on them, disrupt and DPS. If you see there are only one or two seconds left on primal rage you can jump and then jump again mid-air for insane mobility.
  5. I cant really think of anything else that's not common knowledge so I will leave people with this; practice makes perfect. Try and improve yourself and don't be afraid to swap heroes if it doesn't work out.

Any shoutouts?

sZZ: "Thanks to those who voted for me despite not receiving the community vote to get in, and to those who have followed my analysis articles so far :)" 

Senticall: "I just wanna thank you all who voted for me. I know there are a few who went and told their friends to vote too,I really appreciate it."

The European qualifiers should kick off very soon, so keep an eye on GameZone for all your Overwatch World Cup updates. Below is a highlights video of the previous big Overwatch competition - the Atlantic Showdown. If the local team survives the online qualifiers, they'll probably face some of the players at the final showdown.

Zenyatta & Zarya cover images provided by Senticall & sZZ.

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